Nikki Storm- Ms. Scoop, Beauty Comes In All Shapes, Colors. Sizes and….Ages

Ms. Scoop — By on December 27, 2010 at 7:32 pm

Nikki Storm is a rising star in Hollywood. She recently appeared in a movie, “Eyes To See.” with actress Garcelle Beauvais, a movie about the plight following the earthquake in Haiti. The sexy grandmother has been seen on the red carpet, recently at David Harrison Levi’s Birthday Extravaganza that bought awareness to Cancer. Active in the community, Nikki Storm takes time out of her demanding schedule to help those less fortunate, lending her cause to help the homeless and at-risk youth. See the following link.  With an energy and personality that is boundless, Nikki Storm is quickly becoming a favorite of interviewers on the carpet as her funny and energetic comments electrify all who happen in the wake of her rising star. With a last name that is amazingly appropriate, Nikki is taking Hollywood by storm. She is living proof that beauty is readily apparent, even for those over the age of forty. She embraces her age and makes an amazing point, that beauty, indeed, comes in all shapes, colors, sizes and ages. For more on the electrifying Nikki Storm see her article in “People You Should Know.” 



Nikki Storm at David Harrison Levi's Cancer Event. Photo by Diana Ligon.

Nikki Storm. Photo by Diana Ligon.

Nikki Storm (L) and Garcelle Beauvais on the set of "Eyes To See."

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