The Sexy Actress is Taking Hollywood By Storm

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People You Should Know
Nikki Storm
The Sexy Actress, Entrepreneur and Grandmother is Taking Hollywood By Storm   

Nikki Storm has, perhaps, the most appropriate name ever. Why? Because the attractive grandmother of two is set on taking Hollywood by storm, with her talent, beauty, perserverance and effervescent personality. The up and coming actress has already, in her short foray into the acting biz, been making quite an impression. After she migrated to California from Seattle, Washington, she garnered two roles in the first month of her arrival, garnering a role as “The Flood” in the hit theater production The Vagina Monologues. “A friend of mine took me to Central Casting (a talent agency) and that’s when I said ‘Oh yeah, I can apply for some roles,'” said Nikki Storm. “I looked on Craig’s List and I got two gigs off of it right away.” She is very proud of having the experience of working with the Vagina Monologues. “It was a crazy experience for me, but fun,” she explained. “It was theater and something that people have heard of, so I was very excited about that.” Afterwards, she landed a part in a student film for Chapman College, “Women In Hats,” playing a church woman. After registering for several casting agencies, she took her first acting classes. “You know what, my husband almost couldn’t live with me then,” she laughed, speaking admiringly of her husband, Robert Storm. “I was too Hollywood for everybody.” 

She was born and raised in Tri-Cities, Washington, a small town which is four hours southeast of Seattle, Washington. “It’s a little town,” she said. During her formative years, however, she got pregnant at the tender age of 15 after losing her mother two  months prior. It was a tough period.  “She had battled kidney failure for eight years,” she explained. “My Mom was trying to make it, but she was sick.” So at a young age, she had to deal with adversity and prepared her for a later career. “That’s probably why I became a nurse,” said Nikki, who later studied nursing. “So when I finally put all the pieces together, I already had a little experience. I was already treating my mom, before I knew I was treating my mom.” Later, when she was 17, she moved to another location. “I moved clear across the United States to another even smaller country town, Dallas City, Illinois,” She reflected. “It had a population of 400 people and when I moved there, it became 401.” She finished high school there and graduated in 1986. “I was determined, in 1986 to graduate with the rest of my class, I graduated on time. I am very proud of that.” Once she graduated, she worked as a candy striper, which is referred to today as a nurse’s assistant. Subsequently, she went to nursing school, Southeastern Community College in Burlington, Iowa and received an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. She has been an RN since 1993 and is currently registered in California and Washington. “Don’t get it twisted,” she laughed. “I’m not going to be a starving actress.” The sexy grandmother has a solid career to fall back on, in case things get tight in between acting roles. 

As an adult, she feels very strongly about the perils of teen pregnancy, as she experienced herself, the results of having to deal with responsibility at an early age. “There’s nothing fun about it, and frankly, I wish they (the mainstream media) would quit sensationalizing it, so these poor girls can focus on their education, their children and improving their lives in a healthy environment.”      

Nikki, as a direct result of her turbulent childhood, has set out to change the lives of others. Recently, she set out to be an Ordained Christian Minister and wants to work with the Skid Row Ministries and PATH (People Assisting The Homeless.) The busy lady also finds time to be an entrepreneur, and is a consultant in a business called “The Extreme Diva,” a business that empowers women to take control of their lives. “We basically sell pocket-sized devotionals,” she explained. But her true love and passion is acting and she’s loving the new journey and path that her life is taking. She recently worked in a short film on the tragedy of Haiti, “Eyes To See,” screening January 22, 2011 at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm at the Panavision Complex in Woodland Hills, that features Garcelle Beauvais in a film due to be released later in January. “I loved her,” she said. “I was trying to contain myself.” As a result of working on the film, she not only has an acting credit, but an on set nursing credit as well. “Their medic was sick one day and they called me at home and they said they read my resume and they knew I was a registered nurse and asked me to do it in the film, I was so excited,” she said. But Nikki Storm has a lot to be excited about. Her future is bright and she’s destined to take Hollywood by storm.

Nikki Storm’s talent, beauty, willingness to help others and bubbly personality makes her one of the People You Should Know.    


The Effervescent Nikki Storm.

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For information about “Eyes To See,” which is screening January 22, 2011 at the Panavision Complex 6219 De Soto Avenue in Woodland Hills, visit:  


Nikki Storm and Husband Robert Storm.

Nikki Storm(L) in "Eyes To See."

Nikki Storm.

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