Dr. Monica Larson- Ms.Scoop LA

Dr. Monica Larson- Ms.Scoop LA

Dr. Monica Larson. The stunning beauty has degrees in Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychology and Clinical...
How to Confidently Accept, Embrace and Let Out Who You Truly Are

How to Confidently Accept, Embrace and Let Out Who You Truly Are

Kim Somers Egelsee. By Kim Somers Egelsee In 2017 we are caught up in pop culture, politics, social media...


Jerry West. Photo by Eric Risberg. By The Clippers PR Department Los Angeles, CA -The L.A. Clippers yesterday...
Wanted- Black Men For Education 18-75

Wanted- Black Men For Education 18-75

Cover Photo: Older Black men, as well as younger Black men can still get an education in California-for...

Dr. Monica Larson- Ms.Scoop LA

Ms. Scoop — June 22, 2017 at 5:54 am
Dr. Monica Larson. The stunning beauty has degrees in Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Dangerous Warning- our latest Ms. Scoop LA, may be dangerous for your health. If you are prone to dizzy spells or heart palpitations, Dr. Monica Larson is quite a dangerous lady. When intelligence meets beauty, it results in a quite a deadly combination. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, while...

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39 Steps

39 Steps
By Ross Kolde Cover Photo- Joseph Anarumo (l.), Sam Grey, Skip Pipo. Inside Photo. Stefanie Anarumo (l.), Joseph Anarumo,...
May 9, 2017 23:08


We Elected a Bully

We Elected a Bully
Cover photo- President Donald J. Trump. Inside photo- former President Barack Obama. Kudos for a great presidency, Mr. Obama....
Jan 21, 2017 9:27

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LA Sun Vacation Rentals

LA Sun Vacation Rentals
Cover and Inside Photo- LA Sun Vacation Rentals- A paradise adjacent to Hollywood. Visit www.lasunvacationrentals.com. A...
Aug 20, 2015 7:12

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By Buddy Sampson Entrepreneur Isabelle Azoulai Has a Remedy and Suggestion for Calorie Conscious Consumers Many ladies from...
Sep 18, 2015 21:36

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Blake Griffin (R) Holds His Position Against Minnesota Star Kevin Love. He is the Western Conference Player of the Week for the week of December 16th through December 22nd. Photo by NBAE-Getty. December 15, 2013-  The National Basketball Association today announced that Los Angeles Clippers forwardBlake...
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Alejandra Crisafulli-People You Should Know-Transforming Lives Through Life Coaching

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Memorial Park Meets Art

(L) Denise Miller, Glendale Commission on the Status of Women with Suzanne De Laurentiis, Producer. Photo by Glen Lipton. Written By Chris Hlad Saturday, December 7th, 2013- The notion of having an art exhibit at a Memorial Park might come across as odd – to say the least – to some people. But...
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Inspirational Coaching And Advice

Kim Somers Egelsee. By Kim Somers Egelsee Question: Motivational speakers are always emphasizing the importance of being around successful, positive people, and staying away from those who bring you down. How do I begin to attract friends and connections like this, and not feel insecure or different...
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Spanish Food – The Tasty Tortilla

A freshly-cooked Spanish omelette or tortilla-de-patates, still in the pan with essential ingredients. Photo- Paul Cowan. By Linda Plummer It certainly is a poor man or woman who cannot find a few eggs, a couple of potatoes and an onion in their store cupboard! The ever-practical Spaniard realized...
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Prevent Taxi Rip-Offs: Read These Tips Before Your Next Trip

Beware of taxis in foreign countries. Read these tips for a safer trip. By Kathy Steinemann Language, exchange rates, and taxi hire procedures may confuse you when you travel to a foreign country. However, transportation via taxi is a necessary part of many trips abroad. These tips will...
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LAOIC’s Breakfast of Champions

Cover Photo- Chris L. Floyd, Executive Director, LAOIC. Photo by Ian Foxx. Inside Photo- Bishop Charles E. Blake, Presiding Bishop, Church of God in Christ. Los Angeles, California- Thursday, December 5th, 2013 was a special day in Los Angeles history. The Los Angeles Chapter of the OIC, The Los Angeles...
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OIC To Hold Job Fair at the Hollywood Park Casino Dec 6th

Looking for employment? Try the OIC Job Fair on Friday, December 6th at the Hollywood Park Casino. In a feeble economy, resources for job opportunities are at a high premium. Some job seekers have become discouraged as resources for employment prospects have dwindled. However, there is an organization...
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Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty's sets are spectacular. It's running until December 1st. A Visual Treat By Buddy Sampson I have to admit- when invited to review Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty, I had no preconceived notions of what to expect. I’m sure most of my colleagues that are versed in classical...
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Advertise on VertroTV- TV Is Still The Best Way to Promote Your Brand

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