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Agunes-SG Sexy™-A Dream and a Passion With Vision

Cover and inside photos- Agunes. Agunes is debuting an exciting new skin care product, SG Sexy Golddigger. For more details, visit Both photos by Isabelle Ruen. By Buddy Sampson A dream is often the impetus of innovative ideas that change the world. When a dream becomes reality,...
September 24th, 2016 | Beauty, Fashion, Style | Read More

University Sheepdog in Westwood CA by Terrence Duren

Cover and Inside Photo- Terrence Duren’s book, “University Sheepdog in Westwood L.A. is a pure page turner. A Gripping Account of being an African American Police Officer in Los Angeles By Buddy Sampson Chances are, if you are an African American man, in your lifetime you have or eventually...
September 11th, 2016 | Book Reviews | Read More

Dr. Robby Gordon- Creating a 3D Spectrum in Innovative Design

  Cover Photo: Dr. Robby Gordon creates sensational 3D designs that capture the imagination. Inside photo: Dr. Robby Gordon. Both photos by Lourdes M. Villela. By Buddy Sampson Dr. Robby Gordon’s Art Gallery is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Located in the Hollywood Hills, the gallery features...
September 1st, 2016 | Home, Style | Read More