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Dr. Monica Larson. The stunning beauty has degrees in Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychology and Clinical Psychology.


Warning- our latest Ms. Scoop LA, may be dangerous for your health. If you are prone to dizzy spells or heart palpitations, Dr. Monica Larson is quite a dangerous lady. When intelligence meets beauty, it results in a quite a deadly combination. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, while in high school, Dr. Larson began her modeling career along with her twin sister. Intrigued by the field of Forensic Psychology, she garnered her Associates and Bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice. Continuing her studies, she earned a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. An avid fan of forensic science, It is rare that she and her husband can get through a meal without watching the popular TV show, Forensic Files.

Dr. Monica Larson has also worked as a volunteer police officer in Northern California. When not making hearts flutter with her intelligence and beauty, Dr. Monica Larson takes time out of her busy schedule to assist homeless women, through a non-profit organization she founded. Visit www.divineintervention.love for more information.

However we must give a disclaimer before viewing these photos. Dr. Monica Larson could cause dizziness and severe heart palpitations. Oh, but what a way to go!









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