39 Steps

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By Ross Kolde

Stefanie Anarumo (l.), Joseph Anarumo, Skip Pipo, Sam Grey. Photo by Amber Thomas

Cover Photo- Joseph Anarumo (l.), Sam Grey, Skip Pipo. Inside Photo. Stefanie Anarumo (l.), Joseph Anarumo, Skip Pipo, Sam Grey. Both photos by Amber Thomas.

By Ross Kolde

Having grown up in the area, and having come to the place for all manner of recreational purposes over the years, it was a unique pleasure to view a theatrical production at Brand Park in Glendale, CA. 39 Steps has always been one of my favorite Hitchcock films, it sprawls across a huge geographic area and capitalizes on the very unique paranoia of a pre-WWII Europe. The production at Brand differs from the film we are used to, it apparently derives from a comedic version of the play written for a much smaller cast.

The small cast I saw was able and enthusiastic. It made use of props and a projection screen to communicate the many locations involved in the play. The comedy was a bit goofy, but we caught ourselves laughing because the cast was so energetic. There were two large cases that had to be manipulated, for whatever reason, by the cast for every location change. I found that a bit annoying. Other than that, it was a fun play in a great location and for a good cause, and proceeds go to a children’s charity. The mosquitos got to me at one point; bring a blanket to lay on and wear long pants.

Be sure to see it when it returns to a theater near you.

39 Steps at Brand Park, Glendale, CA


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