How to Confidently Accept, Embrace and Let Out Who You Truly Are

Columnists, Kim Somers Egelsee — By on January 21, 2017 at 7:39 am

Kim Somers Egelsee.

By Kim Somers Egelsee

In 2017 we are caught up in pop culture, politics, social media and more. Plastic surgery, Botox, high fashion and stilettos seem to define some people like a brand.

It’s easy for some to substitute material things for inner depth and beauty.

The key is to enhance, embrace, and exude your inner and your outer beauty, being and best self. But how? What if you feel inferior? What if you don’t know what’s wonderful about you?  What if you’re caught up in comparison or in worrying what others think too much?

How do you develop confidence?

This can be your year to shift and shine!

Here’s how!

  1. Start to ask for feedback from those you know, like and trust and even admire. This will help you start to see your greatness as others do. Email 5-8 people and ask them to describe you, what your gifts and talents are, and for any constructive feedback they can share about you.
  2. Never leave a mirror without thinking a positive thought about yourself. Keep a list of ten things you love about you near the mirror to remind you. Have three things that are amazing about you in the back of your mind at all times so that you can let these qualities out while interacting out in the world.
  3. Tune in to what you are doing, who you are with, whether you’re following your dreams, how you are feeling, and how your energy feels. Get in the habit of asking yourself if you feel 100% about each of these things. When it’s lower, let it go, lessen it or find ways to  make it better with the goal of eventually living your life where everything and everyone is 100% on your list.
  4. Have fun. Fun enhances confidence and makes for a fulfilling life. Try adding in fun to anything you do. What brings you joy, laughter and positive sparks of excitement? Do that.
  5. STOP the comparing. 95% of people are in their heads worrying about what one another are thinking. They are always in doubt whether they look or act good enough. Choose to be different. Have that 20 seconds of courage and let out you.
  6. Practice being authentic, vulnerable, real, raw, deep. Set the intention to not “try”, and instead just “be”.
  7. Start today looking your best, so you will feel your best. Add some lipstick. Wear a flowy skirt. Put on that extra necklace that pops. How you look definitely amps up how you feel and act.
  8. Spend at least thirty minutes per day on personal development, self help or spiritual growth.
  9. Smile more!
  10. Move. Your physiology shifts your mood and attitude. Do yoga, dance around your bedroom, work out. Endorphins kick in and your self esteem gets a boost.
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