PPN Throws Birthday Party for Jayne Kennedy Overton

Entertainment, Sports — By on October 31, 2016 at 1:07 pm
Jayne Kennedy-Overton(C) takes time to pose with friends Kathleen Bradley-Redd(L) and Freda Payne (R). Photo by The Scoop LA

Cover photo- Jayne Kennedy Overton(R) with television icon Marla Gibbs. Inside Photo-Jayne Kennedy-Overton(C) takes time to pose with friends Kathleen Bradley-Redd(L) and Freda Payne (R). Photos by The Scoop LA.

By Buddy Sampson

Jayne Kennedy Overton, who was a groundbreaking broadcaster in the formerly male-dominated world of sports broadcasting, was given a party to celebrate her 65th birthday by the Pro Players Network in the exclusive Lafayette Square area of Los Angeles.

“Pro Players Network is the first TV digital network that is 50% co-owned  by every living current, retired NFL, NBA and WBA player, “said Glen Harvey, CEO of Pro Players Network(PPN). “What we do is we feature everything off the court and off the field that players like off the court and off the field.”

Harvey mentioned that NFL players such as Ndamukong Suh and LaMarr Woodley made substantial investments to get the network off the ground. PPN has the distinction of being the first sports network to be debuted on a popular social media platform. “About three months ago, we struck a deal with Facebook to be the first network exclusively with Facebook, so you could only find PPN on Facebook,” said Harvey. “So we’re the first network in history that’s launching exclusively on Facebook.”

Jayne Kennedy Overton’s Birthday soiree attracted several sports stars, actors and entertainers. Among them were former NFL players Lynn Swann and Tony King, who also acted in several movies, actor Art Evans, Marla Gibbs, Billy Davis and Marilyn McCoo (formerly of The Fifth Dimension), Freda Payne, Kathleen Bradley-Redd, Media personality Ron Brewington, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Bill Overton, Norwood Young and several others.

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