Jessica Simpson Receives 2010 Dove Real Beauty Award @ Beverly Hilton Hotel

Eugenia Wright's Column, News — By on May 26, 2010 at 1:11 pm

Jessica Simpson Photo By: Vinni Ratcliff

Jessica Simpson was the picture of loveliness as she posed on the red carpet at the 35th Annual Gracies Gala presented by The Alliance For Women in Media.

Jessica was on hand to receive the coveted 2010 Dove Real Beauty Award. Her reality series on VH1 “The Price of Beauty” has taken her around the globe to learn the secrets of women in various parts of the world. Jessica has learned her lessons well and applied them, as evident in her flawless photo taken by famed photographer Vinni Ratcliff.

Honorees also included Suze Orman and the Spelling family.

Eugenia Wright aka Kleopatra Girl


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