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Let’s Get It In in 2016!!!!

Hi, Happy New Year and thanks for taking the time to read The Scoop LA. Don’t get it twisted, we are the original Scoop LA. There is another publication that decided to use the name, but we started as The Scoop Newspaper in 1967 and in 2007, I took over the helm and renamed it The Scoop LA. So we are THE Scoop LA.  And I’m happy to say that we are still here.

We are going to have fresh, young writers, along with some names you have seen. Kim Webster continues to do great stuff for us, and she and I are the last living members on staff from the original publication, which was a staple in the community started by Jim Shields, a visionary who taught me the nuts and bolts of the Publishing industry. I’m glad to continue his legacy and hope that after I move on, the legacy will continue.

Kim Webster.

In the meantime, we continue to plug along, we average 40,000 unique visitors and 250,000 hits per month. If you have a business, or event or you are an entertainer and want a profile done on your business or want to take out an ad, call us at (323) 919-2848. We want to make you among our many satisfied clients. Thank you for your support.

Angela Johnson.

We have a new Associate Editor, Angela Johnson. Angela brings a wealth of publicity and newspaper experience, as she was with the LA Watts Times and has served as a publicist. We are happy to have her aboard and she was invaluable in helping The Scoop LA put on a benefit for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on December 3, 2015. Turnout was low, but we were able to raise toys for kids and it was a rewarding experience. We hope to do more of those in the future.  We also hope to have more writing to help you grow into your new fabulous future.

If you didn’t come to the King King on December 3, 2015, you missed a spectacular event that raised toys for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. (L-R) Myself, Buddy Sampson. Host Esther Canata, Linda Drexel, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Singer/Dancer/Performer Extraordinaire Crystal Mantecon, Mega Journalist and Funcy Drummer, A. Scott Galloway, also of The Jazz Scribes. It was one of the proudest moments of my life.

Kim Somers Egelsee is one of the writers you will hear from in 2016. She has been ultra busy, giving seminars, making speeches, writing books and still finds time for her two kids and husband. We are Blessed she is a friend of The Scoop LA. Guys we haven’t forgotten about you, we plan on having a bunch of new Ms. Scoops this year. And if you know of someone who would be a great Ms. Scoop, we’d love to hear from you.

Kim Somers Egelsee.

Rochelle Holness, an amazing Ms. Scoop. Photo by Isabelle Ruen.

We hope to have a few historical pieces, along with the latest in music, including some hip hop and current fashion trends. We will also do a lot more hard hitting stories and we will even touch on some politics and sports as well.

Sadly, 2016 has started off with a few passings, with Natalie Cole, David Bowie and Glenn Frey being among them.  But the most upsetting passing was a dear friend of The Scoop LA, Norman Mayers.

Norman Mayers

Norman Mayers.

I first met Norman while working as a Staffwriter and Travel writer for Black Meetings and Tourism Magazine. He interned there and eventually got on staff. He was fantastic at graphics and a gifted writer. I didn’t have a car then, so he and I would take the bus, on Roscoe, and get harassed by the gang bangers on the bus. He probably saved my life once, when he suggested I go to the front of the bus, when one guy threatened to hit me with a beer bottle. I have a short fuse. Norman reasoned me out of hurting the guy.

But Norman was one of those, Community Activist kind of guys. Instead of talking about helping people, he just did. When I took over The Scoop LA in 2008, Norman was one of the first people I thought of to help run the publication. We talked over the phone about doing some projects together, music and travel. I wanted him to run our Travel section.

Norman, was busy though, thinking of others, as he always has. He was busy running his own project with his own original ideas, based on current music trends, and the current, changed economy. He originated a magazine, Nu Soul, that covered neo soul, hip hop and underground, that had a finger on the pulse of the community.

Innovative, with a smile that immediately lights up any room he entered, Norman always talked about doing affordable events for people. And guess what! He did it! He would find these little clubs and put on these events called “Broke As F**k.” I didn’t make that up. Everytime I would get those e-mails from him, I would laugh.

Well I’m “broke as f**k” I might as well go to Norman’s thing. Haha! I went once downtown and had a blast.

Norman began moving up, and industry veterans began to take notice of this rising star. He worked with one of the best event planners in Los Angeles, Jennifer Robyn Laskey, and Redlight and Norman was on the way to being huge. I was talking to my Associate Editor, Angela Johnson about working with him to handle music, hip hop and current trends.

I went to reconnect with him and Jennifer Robyn Laskey on NYE because I wanted to work with the best on my next shows. With Norman and Jenn, we can help hundreds. So knowing just what a huge heart Norman had, and how he threw events, thinking of that poor single mom, who has spent most of her cash, trying to maintain a roof and food for her and her child, but wants to party a little to take the stress off, Norman was my guy, he was the guy that wanted everyone to enjoy themselves, not just the rich, or well off. I was stunned to learn that he was sick. And news of his passing was simply devastating news.

I went to a gathering Sunday January 31st, that honored Norman Mayers. I’m here with his father, Norman Mayers Sr. at the event.

The world lost a fantastic young man, a man who had all the potential to lead a country. Words can’t express my sense of loss. I sometimes understand when people my age or older die, it’s part of life. But when a young person dies, it’s a little harder, especially a brilliant young man such as Norman Mayers. I’m praying for the comfort of God, to his father and family and to the many that loved him, including me. Blessings and rest in peace my friend!

Finally, in 2016, let’s make love the most important thing in 2016. We’ve seen a rise in racism, hate and bigotry. But don’t believe that one person can’t make a difference. You can. Simply by not standing by and accepting that it is okay, you can make a difference. Remember to live each day as if it was your last day on earth, help others and have fun when you can!  We wish you all love and prosperity in 2016.

Buddy Sampson, Publisher, The Scoop LA

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