The Coach That Became a Nanny

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Cover photo-Rebecca Stewart of VIP Nannies, Inc. Household Staffing Agency with Chase. Inside photo- VIP Nannies Inc Household Staffing Agency provides the best in staffing, including nannies.

By Buddy Sampson

The best nanny and household staffing agencies are those that are well prepared- professional, reliable and trustworthy. At the top of their game, they’re very similar to a winning team that has an outstanding coach with a solid game plan.  However, finding the best of household staffing professionals can be a daunting task- leaving your children with virtual strangers can be unsettling, to say the least. Rebecca Stewart, Owner/CEO of VIP Nannies & Household Staffing, has a winning team that gets the job done. And well. Her former clients include the Dr. Phil Show.  “Our nannies are in the green room entertaining the children, while the parents are on the show,” said Rebecca Stewart. Her services have also been used by the Queen Latifah show, among other Hollywood heavy-hitters.

Rebecca Stewart opened her agency nine years ago. A former nanny, she also has coached basketball teams, including for Anaheim Vineyard, at Immaculate Heart in Hollywood and at San Luis Obispo High School. “I was offered a job at a well-known school here in L.A. but I said, I’m done,” said Rebecca. “I needed to focus on the nanny stuff.” In her younger years, her benevolent nature led her to the Peace Corps, which landed her in Paraguay, South America. “I wanted to save the world,” laughed Rebecca. “We were the biggest group of Americans sent to South America at that time.” After she returned, she became a professional nanny for a high profile family. This family tested her skills as a live-in nanny and helped shape the way she would run her business. “In hindsight, it was the best thing I could ever have,” she reflected. “It catapulted me to where I am now. I cared for one-year-old twins- they were one-year-old twins when I started. The family gave me a manual, that explained ‘you do this, you don’t do this, you say this, you don’t say that, you wear this, you don’t wear that, you go here,’ it was very methodical and scheduled and it was really helpful when you have multiple staff in your home, especially with dealing with twins. It was a great experience. I loved the family and I learned a lot from them.” After many years of experience working some of LA’s most elite homes, she realized she could have a bright future starting her own nanny placement agency. “It kind of snowballed from there,  and it was like, I can do this, (open a nanny agency),” she said.

She did her research, learning what it took to run a household staffing agency and took out a small business loan.

Rebecca, who grew up in the city of San Luis Obispo, CA loved its small town atmosphere. It was there where she first learned and developed her skills. She credits her mother, who has a degree in Child Development for a lot of her success. “She raised me well,” said Rebecca. “I started babysitting at a young age and I realized that I wanted to work with children.” That led to her earning a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Counseling from California State University Fullerton. During her college career Rebecca interned at the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center and found time to coach junior high and high school basketball. “I’ve done a lot with children,” said Rebecca. “I love working with children, they give me energy, and joy and fulfillment in life.”

Rebecca Stewart.

Loving children and patience is a necessary prerequisite for the task of working with families. VIP Nannies has a patient and knowledgeable staff. Each candidate is fully vetted, with checks that include fingerprinting and a thorough background check. “We do require at least 5 years of experience working in their field,” she said about the candidates her company represents, which range from personal assistants to nannies to chefs.  “All candidates are legal to work in the United States. Most of our candidates are older than 25 due to the experience we require of each applicant.” So if you need the best in household services, one that has been used by Hollywood’s elite in the entertainment industry, visit And be sure to tell them that you read about it in The Scoop LA.

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