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By Buddy Sampson

Entrepreneur Isabelle Azoulai Has a Remedy and Suggestion for Calorie Conscious Consumers

Many ladies from Europe, particularly France, are health-conscious and concerned about weight gain. You may see many French and European models in magazines, on television or on the Internet and you may wonder what they do to keep their svelte figures.  Isabelle Azoulai, owner of PURE Restaurant in Beverly Hills, debuting Monday, September 21, may have an answer for that. Why don’t European women get fat? “We eat differently in Europe, “said Peggy Hovsepian, Manager PURE. “We eat less processed food. But the way we eat in Europe, a lot of Californians have adopted. And I see very clearly that Angelinos don’t eat like they used to twenty years ago. Twenty years ago, we were considered a culinary desert. But it’s not the case anymore.” PURE plans on addressing the healthy changes Californians have made in their dietary choices.

Eat in or grab-n-go, PURE Beverly Hills redefines healthy fast food for a new consumer. French Food Guru, Isabelle Azoulai, has been at the apex of a new wave of fast food alternatives in France that focuses on seasonal and healthy pre-portioned and pre-packaged meals, freshly made every day. Formally trained by Alain Ducasse and Robuchon’s Ateliert in France, Isabelle set her sights on a quaint space on South Beverly Drive and intends to develop her concept of fresh and healthy alternatives from drab and dreary processed foods, obsolete fast-food options, to tasty and sumptuous meals for figure and health-conscious consumers right here in Southern California. An entrepreneur from France, and a very busy health-conscious professional, Isabelle realized that there were few restaurants that addressed her need and desire for healthy fast food. Cojean and Boco, dietary choices that have taken Paris by storm, focusing on healthy fast food, has been a choice for Isabelle and her family, and she bought elements from her Paris lifestyle choice for Americans to enjoy at PURE.

One of the many delicious dishes at PURE.

Pure Beverly Hills creates healthy meal ideas in the form of “gourmet-on-the-go” for the busy business person and the ever hustling Urbanite. Offering fresh, sustainable and healthy meal options from its seasonal menu, featuring market fresh salads (heirloom tomatoes & Mozzarella Caprese, Citrus & Basil Salad), 100% vegan gluten and dairy-free soups (Cucumber Gazpacho) and signature dishes (Marinated Salmon Quinoa Salad, Poke’Bowl, Portobello mushroom Risotto) PURE intends to be at the forefront of healthy food alternatives. Many doctors and nutritionists have suggested for longer, healthier lives, that you are what you eat. And healthy food will not only have aesthetic benefits and get more attention from that special someone, it will also add years to your life. “I wasn’t a healthy eater and as a result, I developed ailments from the diet I kept,” said Peggy. ”When I changed my diet, when I came into the PURE concept, my personal diet changed. My headaches disappeared, my skin is no longer dry and I no longer have digestive problems.”

Fast food does not have to be compromised with tasteless, processed food. “It is bit of a twist on a good ‘ol 20th century gas station sandwich, except that’s not at all what it is,” explained Peggy. “We’re not your grocery store that also sells gourmet salads and sandwiches. This is what we do. We do fresh, organic, made daily salads and sandwiches, all of them very caloric conscious and health conscious with the best of products.” PURE Beverly Hills offers a fast and fresh alternative using healthy ingredients with a delicious sensibility in a modern, sleek setting. The Grand Opening ribbon cutting ceremony features gourmet foods, conversation, and red carpet arrivals. PURE had a soft opening in April, but plans on doing its Grand Opening on Monday, September 21, 2015, at 252 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, from 5:00PM-8PM. “We’ve been a well-kept secret, now we want to let the secret out of the bag,” said Peggy of PURE. “Our food is a healthy alternative to the traditional processed fast food.” You have to be there to try their food yourself on Monday. RSVP at For media and artist inquiries, please contact SpLAsh PR at (323) 877-8102.

Monday, September 21, 2015| 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. PURE Beverly Hills, 252 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, Street or Public Parking-Gourmet food-Ribbon Cutting ceremony-Red carpet arrivals. For more on PURE and its Monday, September 21, 2015 debut,

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