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A Paradise, Hollywood Adjacent, That’s Not Your Usual Vacation Rental

Paradise is defined as a place of timeless harmony. In that definition, LA Sun Vacation Rentals lands within that spectrum. Not your usual vacation property by any means, it is located north of Franklin off Normandie Avenue, a paradise so accessible to Hollywood, you could almost walk there. It has rooms that fit the most modest of budgets, or larger rooms that are ideal for the traveler seeking elegance and beauty. Whether you’re a celebrity that just wants to get away from it all or a family that that is visiting the wondrous City of Los Angeles from another part of the country or the world, or just want a different setting for leisure or business, LA Sun Vacation Rentals has something to offer for everyone. If you’re looking for the noisy, loud hotels, then try the bigger hotel chains. But if you want the serenity of an atmosphere that feels like an elegant Hollywood home, then LA Sun Vacation Rentals is for you.

A sample dining room at LA Sun Vacation Rentals.

The property, built in 1924, has a quaint, but rustic setting. Their suites range from $90 per night to $450 a night. “They’re all kind of like little doll houses,” said Deanna Alexander, the proprietor and owner of LA Sun Vacation Rentals. “It’s great to have the comfort of home when you’re far away. You can cook and have family time, without paying out the nose for every single meal.”  Each suite has a fully equipped kitchen, and several amenities, including a coffee maker, toaster, pots, pans and washer and dryer. Their four bedroom suite is an opulent area, equipped with a chandelier, piano, dining room and kitchen, perfect for 4 people or for a family looking for a sophisticated getaway. With 1850 square feet, you won’t feel claustrophobic. Businessmen travelling to Los Angeles will find the space perfect for those informal business settings perfect to land the next business deal, with a dining room ideal for meetings and negotiations. Musicians can work out their next project, outside of the noise and distractions of Hollywood. The bigger suites have a panoramic city view and the property has a Jacuzzi, a pool, a grill, and an outdoor patio open until 9:30PM. Close to the Metro Red Line, renters have easy access to the attractions of Los Angeles, including Universal Studios, Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. Renters can hike up to Griffith Park, where you can find the Los Angeles Zoo and the Griffith  Observatory.

The units all have kitchens, so if you want to save lots of cash, you can shop at the nearby Ralph’s or many of the several grocery store chains and local stores nearby, like Gelson’s on Franklin. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, Los Feliz is five minutes away and has a small town feel to it.

If you have children, they will love LA Sun Vacation Rentals. They have children’s rooms, with bunk style beds, for those that have several children and single rooms with beds, which have toys, dolls and items to occupy the attention of your little ones.

In operation for ten years, the proprietor, Deanna Alexander, has an interesting story to tell. Sometimes, the best business ideas are formed as a result of adversity. “I had a Hedge fund loss and lost all my money,” said Deanna. “I was pregnant and I had to figure out a way to make more rent. I had a long term tenant and when they moved, I turned it into this property, and have been successful ever since.”

It’s great to be the first publication to discover a hidden city paradise. The Scoop LA proudly endorses LA Sun Vacation Rentals and be sure to tell them that you read about it in The Scoop LA for a discount. Visit them today and prepare to be enchanted by a property that is not your usual vacation rental.

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