Modo Mio-An Italian Restaurant with a French owner and a Mexican Chef

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Cover photo: Modo Mio, located in the Pacific Palisades. Inside photo: Modo Mio has a superb collection of wines.

A Sensory Experience

By Buddy Sampson

Modo Mio, a restaurant in Pacific Palisades, encapsulates the diversity of Los Angeles. A high end restaurant in a quaint area of the small city area, it is an Italian restaurant owned by a French owner, with a chef that designs meals, who originated from Mexico. With that combination of culinary delight, the restaurant, with its décor, ambience and outstanding cuisine is nothing short of a sensory experience. “Authentic and Romantic,” said George, the owner, when asked what distinguishes his restaurants from other eateries. “Authentic because it’s a North Italian Restaurant. Romantic because we have small candle lights, the lights are not too bright, we just hear the music, but not too much, so it’s a very romantic place.“ Located in the heart of the Pacific Palisades, and mere minutes from the beach, Modo Mio is perfect to take that special someone for a romantic outing, for small events and for elegant business meetings. “It’s not only for business, sometimes we have weddings, sometimes it’s a bar mitzvah, different kinds of events,” said George.

Scaloppine Al Limone.

We were greeted by the owner’s son, Benjamin and joined by George, the owner of the restaurant, his wife and SpLAsh Publicist Claire Arnaud Arbour, who were charming and excellent conversationalists. They gave little hint as to the culinary nirvana we were about to experience. We started with a delicious wine with a bouquet that matched the pleasant and serene décor of the eatery. One of their best dishes, the gnocchi, we were urged to try and it was nothing short of amazing. “It’s homemade,” said George, of the gnocchi and the restaurant’s cuisine. “Everything is fresh, and that’s why clients come here. The only thing that comes out of the freezer is the ice cream.” As my entrée, I chose one of their specials for the night, Spinach pasta, with chicken breasts, olives, white mushrooms and a white wine cream sauce. It was nirvana. All the entrees are outstanding, but one of their popular specialties is the Lasagna Di Verdure. My guest had the Ravioli Di Pollo E Tacchino Affumicato and it was nothing short of spectacular. Among their menu items are Scaloppme Al Limone, (Veal top round sautéed with lemon) Mosaico Di Pepperoni, Pesce Bianco Con Verdure (a fresh seasonal whitefish sautéed with artichoke hearts, dried tomato and peas in lemon and white wine) and a Tagliata Di Manzo All ‘Antica (an all-natural certified premium Angus, marinated with herbs and virgin olive oil, grilled and thinly sliced.) For dessert, their Tiramisu plates are to die for.

Mosaico Di Pepperoni.


The chef trained in Milan, Italy and learned how to magnificently prepare authentic Italian dishes; however, he prepares those entrees with a distinctly American flair. “We needed to adapt a little, because Americans may not like food that is too spicy,” said George. “And we found that when we adapted, everyone just loves the food.” Additionally, it’s a place that many celebrities have frequented, because of its low key environment and simple but accessible elegance.

George masterfully detailed, in romantic terms, why he and his lovely wife purchased the restaurant, which has been a staple of Pacific Palisades for 30 years. “There is only one Modo Mio,” said George, “with our type of decorations and cuisine.” Indeed, Modo Mio is one of a kind, a moderately priced restaurant, a charming Italian Restaurant, with a French owner and a terrific Mexican chef. Tres Magnifique!

Modo Mio is located in Pacific Palisades Commercial Village, 15200 Sunset Blvd, #106, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. For reservations and bookings call (310) 459-0979. Visit their website at

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