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Cover and Inside Photo-Dr. Josef Hadeed. His practice, located in Beverly Hills, is one of the best aesthetic practices in the world.

Redefining the Aesthetic Ideal

By Buddy Sampson

In the aesthetics industry, there are cosmetologists that are merely concerned with how much money they can make. However, there are surgeons that have attended medical school, studied under the best surgeons in the country and more importantly, care about their patients. These surgeons are skillful in their practices and don’t ascribe to a “cookie cutter” mentality. One of those surgeons that epitomize that ideal is Josef Hadeed, MD, a very down-to earth plastic surgeon that practices in Beverly Hills.

Josef Hadeed, MD, a plastic surgeon, double-board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Surgery, has an impressive set of credentials. Affiliated with some of the most prestigious medical associations in the country, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery, the American College of Surgeons, the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and the American Medical Association, Dr. Hadeed has an active role in shaping and guiding the future of plastic surgery as we know it. However, if you were to meet Dr. Hadeed, you would never suspect the pedigree of his impressive credentials. He is warm, engaging and just a very pleasant guy to be around, never bringing attention to himself. His patients, his practice and making a difference in the world are his primary objectives.

Josef, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, attended Mt. Lebanon High School, a school recognized for academic excellence, in the top 10% of his class. He left the city at the age of 18. “I enjoyed growing up in Pittsburgh,” said Dr. Hadeed. “It’s a very blue collar town with a lot of ethnic diversity, a lot of ethnic neighborhoods and a lot of hard working people there, so I think growing up and seeing the work ethic of the people growing up in those neighborhoods, that kind of instilled a sense of determination in me to work hard and succeed.” He took that strong work ethic and graduated from the University of Michigan with a major in biology. While in college, he decided to go in the medical field. His first studies were in pediatrics. However, being in pediatrics took an emotional toll on him. “It was very difficult being around kids that were very sick and had a lot of things wrong with them, it was tough,” the caring man reflected.

He later, however, switched to plastic surgery. “I think with aesthetics and plastic surgery in general, there’s so much you can do to help people out,” he explained. “With plastic surgery, and the reconstructive aspect, you can restore someone’s sense of well-being that has either been affected by cancer, or helping a person that’s been through a major accident where they’re left disfigured, so just being able to restore a sense of someone feeling normal again and improving their self-esteem, is what drew me to the field.” Josef had the fortune of studying under the best surgeons in the field of plastic surgery. “I was fortunate enough to have learned a lot from some of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the country,” he said.

Josef’s first job was as a plastic surgeon for Kaiser Permanente. “I liked the collegiality and teamwork environment,” he said. Working at Kaiser, under sometimes very stressful surgeries trained him to be one of the world’s best plastic surgeons. “We’ve treated people that have been diagnosed with cancer, people that have been in fires, with large areas of their bodies that have been burned, people that have been in car accidents and have multiple facial fractures, there was no shortage of traumatic and dramatic events,” he reflected. “As plastic surgeons, we were trained to deal with that. What I like to tell people is that as a plastic surgeon, we work head to toe and then from skin to bone. We’re not necessarily confined to one area of the body, we can work all over the body, not just the outer surface but the inside as well. ”

Beverly Hills is widely known as a hub of the aesthetics industry. The entertainment industry and Hollywood are focused on youthful appearances.  “There’s always some subconscious pressure on people to look their best,” said Dr. Hadeed MD when asked why the aesthetics industry is so huge in the city. “You see a lot of people probably going to the gym here more so than most other parts of the country and likewise you also see a lot more people here coming in for non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures to look their best.” Are you an actor or in the entertainment industry and want to enhance your appearance? His practice is one of the best in the city. Have your work completed by a true professional.

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Recently, Dr. Hadeed lent his support to a great cause-“Mission Save Her,” spearheaded by India producer Reggie Benjamin and singer Eric Benet, on the plight of human trafficking in countries such as India. Many women have suffered as a result of abuse and have been disfigured by men in rapes and attacks. He plans on donating his time and services to help them. “They’re so disfigured and they don’t look like human beings in some cases anymore,” said Dr. Hadeed. “I think it’s important to restore a sense of normalcy to these women for them to feel human again.”

Dr. Hadeed’s vision for his practice is partnering with patients to address all their cosmetic needs- a comprehensive aesthetic center. Skilled in all areas of aesthetic medicine, including procedures to address aging hands and face, body sculpting, stem cell therapy and breast enhancement/reconstruction, Dr. Hadeed and his staff will customize a comprehensive plan for your beauty and wellness needs. “The best plastic surgery is surgery that doesn’t drastically alter the way you look,” he said, when asked about some of the nightmare stories of some celebrities that have surgeries that have resulted in drastic alterations in their appearance. “Plastic surgery that is well done is a subtle change and makes you look refreshed and rejuvenated, rather than making you look completely different.”

Many cosmetologists have studied for short periods of time and profess extensive knowledge in the field of aesthetics. Dr. Hadeed is a plastic surgeon, not just a cosmetologist, with many years of study and expertise in the field.

Want to be more competitive in the workplace? Many middle-aged professionals, who want to look younger and compete in today’s marketplace, are among Dr. Hadeed’s clients. With a premium placed today on looking younger and vibrant, Dr. Hadeed will help you meet your aesthetic needs. In sales and marketing? Having a youthful appearance will help you close that deal or make that sale.

Josef Hadeed MD is a lot more than a plastic surgeon that can enhance your appearance. Hoping to make a difference in the world by helping others with his finely developed craft of aesthetic surgery, he cares about his patients, their needs, and about the world in general. A benevolent and kind man, if you want the best in plastic surgery from a man with a great sense of humor, fantastic bedside manner that truly cares about you and your appearance, then his office in Beverly Hills is where you should have your aesthetic desires fulfilled. Simply, he is more than an outstanding surgeon, he is an outstanding man, who is redefining how aesthetic professionals will and should service their clients. He is one of the People You Should Know.

Dr. Josef Hadeed is located at 8929 Wilshire Blvd. #425, Beverly Hills, California 90211, Phone: (310) 970-2940.

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