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Cover and Inside Photo-Singer/Producer Eric Benet and Reggie Benjamin.

Bringing Awareness to Human Trafficking

By Buddy Sampson

The plight of human trafficking remains a scourge of world society. Human slavery persists all over the world and should be outlawed in every shape and form. The United States still remains near the top of the list of countries that have human trafficking in its borders. Allies Against Slavery.org reports that there are between an estimated 21 million and 30 million men, women and children that are still enslaved today by some form or fashion- more slaves than during all of the years of the transatlantic slave trade combined- a shocking number.

Producer Reggie Benjamin and singer/songwriter producer Eric Benet hosted an event for “Mission Save Her,” a cause developed to educate communities about human trafficking in hopes to be a voice for many helpless women and children who are often silenced by the horrors of their lives. “I decided to start a charity because I see all over the world, and of course in India, every second, a girl is gang-raped and sold,” said Indian star and producer Reggie Benjamin. “I heard about a three year old girl being gang raped by sixteen men, so I said, ‘I’ve got to do something.’ So I called my buddy Eric Benet and him being an artist, he said, ‘let’s write a song.’” They wrote a song called “Save Her,” which featured 40 different artists. “The human rights and the sexual abuse of women all over the world is why Reggie Benjamin and I created the non-profit “Mission Save Her,” and we need all the help we can get,” said Eric Benet. “We wrote a song, “Save Her,” produced by myself and my dear friend, writing and producing partner Dimante Posey. I asked a few friends to hop on this song, Ruben Studdard, Faith Evans, Matt Goss, Brenda Russell, Brian McKnight and the list goes on. We’re going to use this song as a catalyst to raise attention to our non-profit, hopefully people will donate and download the song.”

Gulshan Grover.

“A lot of people need to know about it, because the second source of income in third world countries is human trafficking,” explained Benjamin. “The most money made with it is in America, in Sacramento and in San Francisco. A lot of money is made during the Super Bowl, now what’s going on with that?”  Reggie Benjamin’s friend, Bollywood star Gulshan Grover, an ambassador of Mission Save Her, was one of the luminaries at the event and spoke of his unqualified support at the event. “His heart is in the right place,” said Grover about the effort by Reggie Benjamin. “This doesn’t just occur in India, it’s across the globe in various places. If your heart is in the right place, how can you not agree, how can you not say, ‘I’m in it.’ It took me three seconds to become involved.”

Armani Jackson.

Armani Jackson, a young phenom that has appeared on the iconic television show Grey’s Anatomy was one of the young talents that attended the party. He talked about working on the show. “It was really fun,” said Armani of working on Grey’s Anatomy. “I was called the Bubble Boy, because I was trapped in a bubble because no one could touch me. It felt like you were in a real hospital and doctor’s office.” Armani is slated to be in a movie “Cooties,” that’s scheduled for release in September2015 and a movie in October with Vin Diesel.

Michael Anthony.

Michael Anthony, a musician,  maker of Crater Lake Vodka, www.bendistillery.com, and owns a company called www.endbev.com and runs a restaurant named Pump owned by Lisa Vanderpump, lent his support to the event as well.  “I met Reggie at one of my restaurants and we were talking and he told me about his organization and I decided to help him out on his events and donate,” said Michael Anthony. “I think raising money and helping one person at a time and helping as much as we can is important. Raising money for computers is a great idea. Education is life.”

Josef Hadeed MD. He plans on utilizing his services to help affected women in India. Photo: The Scoop LA.

Josef Hadeed, MD, a surgeon in Beverly Hills and owner of Hadeed Plastic Surgery, also supported the event. An amazing gentleman, Hadeed, who services affluent clients, will be donating his services quietly for people that have been affected by human trafficking in India. “I think it’s very important, A, to raise awareness about the difficulties that these women go through after their traumatic events,” said Josef Hadeed. “But they’re so disfigured and they don’t look like human beings anymore that I think it’s important to restore a sense of normalcy to these women for them to feel human again.” Visit his website at www.josefhadeedmd.com.

If you’d like to donate to the cause and be a part of helping women and children escape the plight of human trafficking, please visit www.MissionSaveHer.com.

Lauren Mayhem, an outstanding singer, lent her support to the event. Her single, "Danger Zone," is due for release soon.

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