The SkinWave™ Institute Opens in Beverly Hills

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By Buddy Sampson

The aesthetic industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Beverly Hills is at the forefront of the aesthetic business, predicted to earn $265 billion by 2017.  “Beverly Hills has always been the model to the world of beauty and youth and the glamour of Hollywood,” said Julian A. Gold, the mayor of Beverly Hills. Mayor Gold was one of the attendees at a groundbreaking ceremony and grand opening of a new, successful and innovative addition to Beverly Hills, the SkinWave™ Institute. “SkinWave™ is a new anti-aging process that we bought directly from Europe,” said George, Founder, SkinWave™. “It’s already worked there for several years and I opened the first institute in the United States here in Beverly Hills.”

With SkinWave™ no injections are necessary.

SkinWave™ is an Anti-Aging technology that is 100% natural, painless and highly successful. Botox injections have traditionally been the standard of the industry, but SkinWave™, the newest alternative to injections, utilizes innovative technology for skin care and the removal of cellulite. “We work on the muscles’ memory,” said George. “We send a message to help the production of cytokine. Cytokine aids cell movement, which will help the muscles to get tighter. In this way, for the face treatment, the skin becomes smoother in tone and wrinkles disappear.”  Cytokines are cell signaling molecules that aid cell to cell communication in immune responses and stimulate the movement of cells towards sites of inflammation, infection and trauma, as stated by Dr. Ananya Mandal, of  Using a revolutionary technique involving acoustic waves, the SkinWave™ technology engages bio stimulation to improve tone and smooth the silhouette to reveal younger and brighter skin. “If you have signs of jet lag, which can show on your face, or if you’re on TV all the time, SkinWave™ is perfect,” said Claire Arnaud-Aubour of SpLAsh PR agency. “It is natural, non-invasive and there are no side effects. After the procedure, the same day you can go back to your life. You can go to your parties and your events and really improve the look of your skin.”

SkinWave™ treats cellulite.

Many women are concerned about cellulite, which can occur from aging and pregnancies, for example. SkinWave™ uses microcirculation, which eliminates fibrous tissues and overall cell exchanges are restored.  This activity reduces the size of fat cells, called adipocytes, to smooth out skin for a more youthful and vibrant appearance. “We help to eliminate waste and toxins naturally, with acoustic waves there are no side effects,” explained George, who plans on opening centers in Las Vegas, Miami and New York. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, (FDA) the procedure originated 8 years ago, in Switzerland, Germany, England and France. Encouraged by the huge success in Europe in the treatment of cellulite woes, they began facial treatments four years ago. “With acoustic waves and SkinWave™ therapy, I wanted to bring something to help women to become more beautiful and younger looking without pain and side effects,” said George about the revolutionary procedure.

SkinWave™ is a painless treatment that unlike Botox, requires no injections.

Each treatment at the SkinWave™ Institute costs $250 and the results are well worth the price. Impressions are important and if you want to impress others with a more attractive appearance, the SkinWave™ Institute is where you should be for beauty and a more youthful look.

“This is an extension of that,” said Beverly Hills Mayor Julian A. Gold, when asked about beauty, the aesthetics industry and SkinWave™ Institute. “This is how people get to be beautiful and youthful and we love it. We love the fact that not only do we have beautiful people here, but our residents and visitors have the opportunity to make themselves look even better. “

Visit the SkinWave™ Institute at 222 North Canon Drive, Suite 202, Beverly Hills, CA. For more information on  SkinWave™ Institute, visit

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