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Isha Love's New CD,"Jars Of Water" can be purchased on CD Baby. Visit her website at

The music of Isha Love is boundless. It stretches as far as the ear can hear- from the earth to the heavens, Isha Love’s music is true to the meaning of her last name- it is the embodiment of love. “Jars of Water,” Isha Love’s latest solo masterpiece, is designed for listeners seeking love, joy, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Love, who grew up in South Korea, is an outstanding keyboardist that started playing in kindergarten. Classically trained, Love had an interest in jazz and attended Berklee School of Music in Boston as a jazz and piano performance major. While there, she began playing for the church and played for several African American churches, where she began a long relationship with several gospel icons, and caught the attention of the late Andrae Crouch. “Wow,” said Andrae Crouch. “When I first heard her, I was totally blown away. She is such a phenomenal player. You will be shocked at her gospel musicianship. Close your eyes when she’s playing and you’ll be amazed and shocked at what she gets out of the keyboard.” Indeed, Isha Love displays a mind boggling array of virtuosity on “Jars Of Water.”

Isha Love with gospel legend Andrae Crouch.

“One day as I was praying,” said Isha,”I saw a large field with hundreds upon hundreds of empty jars. God stood at the beginning of the long line and was holding a pitcher. It container water and God was pouring the water into the jars.  He explained that the many jars represented the songs that I have within me that are waiting to be filled- and told me that the water that fills the jars are His spirit. During the vision, God explained when the jars are filled with Living Water, each becomes a completed song anointed by Him. Each song is one of these “jars of water.”

Isha Love, originally of South Korea, is a gospel sensation. Visit her website at

“Jars Of Water” is a completely solo effort by Isha Love and the anointing of God is evident on all the tracks. The extraordinarily talented and gifted musician displays the prowess of her musicianship on this project, starting with the intro piece, “Jars Of Waters,” which is also reprised in a longer version on the CD as a bonus track, a track which suggests the joy of creation and wonder.

Isha Love’s playing on “Crucifixion,” runs the entire gamut of emotion from the calm to the terse. Crucifixion is an illustration by sound that tells the story of the crucifixion of Christ. The sonic illumination of this track brightens the spirit and you can almost feel the emotion that took place during the historic event of Christ, from the crucifixion to Jesus’ resurrection in this stirring piece of work.

Isha Love. Visit her website at

“Rain on Me,” a lovely ballad with an enlightening and bright chord structure, is a song of inspiration and hope. The gospel influence of her church roots is evident on this piece, as is on the song “I’ve Got Peace Like A River.” On “Peace,” she takes you to the church on Sunday morning, where you envision worship and praise. Indeed, Love proves she can handle herself in any church, spiritual or musical journey.

“Nothing But The Blood” perhaps the most passionate of all the tracks on the project, has a very significant theme that has colored the annals of her life. “It is one of my favorite hymns that I used to sing with my mom all the time,” said Isha Love. “I believe there is so much power in His blood to make us whole and bring us closer to God. I wanted to give Him the praise for giving us His life to cleanse us with His precious blood.” Love interpreted traditional gospel hymns “Nothing But The Blood,” “I’ve Got Peace Like A River,” “There Is A Fountain,” and “Draw Me Nearer” and made them intricate and personal reflections of how the spiritual has guided her path. The glory of God manifests itself in Love’s spiritual and skilled fingers in these hymns, guided by the heavenly.

“Living Water” is the perfect song to sit back and enjoy the magic of God’s creation of music, manifested through the fingers of the lovely and talented pianist. “Heaven In Me” has a jazz ballad feel to it and displays her versatility. “The Road” is one of the most intricate pieces on the CD and illustrates a versatile hybrid of her Eastern roots, gospel and jazz.  “Without You Where I Would Be,” is a soulful gospel tune that brings you to church. “Where You Lead Me,” has a light, airy presence. Picture Vince Guaraldi with a slight more elegance with a taste of gospel and you’ll have a sense for this remarkable song, which spotlights Love’s incredible playing. “When He Comes,” has a ragtime/jazz quality and “There Is No Place Like Home,” is a song perfect for worship and meditation.

The word virtuoso comes to mind when you hear the lovely offerings of Isha Love on “Jars of Water.” This CD is otherworldly and belongs in your collection. Perfect for meditation, love, joy, relaxation and rejuvenation, “Jars of Water” is a must for your CD collection.

When asked about the inspiration of one of the songs, “Nothing But The Blood,” Love put her heart on her sleeve and quoted Romans 3:23 -24- “For all have for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” The Blood of Christ is strong in the life of Isha Love and her spirit; she is a living vision of Christ through her music, her sensational playing, and her simply boundless virtuosity and spirit.


For more on Isha Love, visit her website

Isha Love's CD, "Jar of Water," is available on CD Baby. Visit her website at

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