“All This Coulda Been Urs”

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Cover photo: Myra Washington. Inside Photo: Myra Washington is also an accomplished DJ, going by the moniker DJ Karma Camille.

Myra Washington is a singer, songwriter and DJ that is destined for superstardom. Everyone that catches her perform have been completely wowed. In 2013, she performed for The Scoop LA/CT All Stars Enterprises benefit for Children’s Hospital and completely tore down the house. The voluptuous and stunning lady, a trendsetter and fashion maven on stage, has channeled some of the strongest singers of the last 40 years.  Myra Washington has carved out a style that’s completely her own. And she’s a slammin’ DJ as well. She graces many clubs and events with her moniker, DJ Karma Camille.

Well, the scintillating lady with the strong, hot voice has a single out, “All This Coulda Been Urs,” that’s destined to be a smash. Listen to it and purchase it here. https://soundcloud.com/djkarmacamille/all-this-could-been-urs.

Myra Washington has a new single, "All This Coulda Been Urs.” Check it out at https://soundcloud.com/djkarmacamille/all-this-could-been-urs.

Prepare to be amazed. And you must catch this lovely lady in concert. Visit her websites at:



Singer, songwriter Myra Washington aka DJ Karma Camille.

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