Ms. Scoop- Nayeli Cordova-On Her Toes

Ms. Scoop — By on April 13, 2015 at 12:52 am

Cover photo- model Nayeli Cordova on a modeling shoot. Photo by Vicente Ramos. Inside photo- Nayeli takes the mike at a recent function. Photo by Moses Rivera.

Model and entrepreneur Nayeli Cordova commands attention by her unusual way of wearing ballerina shoes, sashaying down the runway on her toes.  But she’s on her toes in many ways with her company Nayeli Arts. The talented lady is a writer, model and mentor to students who want to choose modeling as a profession or want to embark on self and personal development. See our feature on her in “People You Should Know.” The gorgeous lady has a grace rarely seen in Los Angeles and she has it on the ball. Nayeli Cordova is definitely on her toes.

For more about Nayeli Cordova, visit her website at

Nayeli's unusual style of walking down the runway on her toes wows audiences. Photo by Frank Ross.

Photo by Vicente Ramos.

Nayeli Cordova takes time to exercise. Photo by John Medel.

Nayeli Cordova is in high demand as a model. Photo by Diana Lopez.

Photo by Dan Cymarron.

Photo by Rafael Zavala.

Photo by Rafael Zavala.

Photo by Bill Thomas.

Photo by Dominic Valentic.

Photo by Anthony Mitchell.

Photo by Leo BayBay.

Visit Nayeli's website at Photo by Anthony Mitchell.

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