FLASHBACK: 1971- Ms Scoop Betty Coleman

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Cover and Inside Photo-Betty Coleman (R), a former Ms. Scoop of 1971, poses with Porscha Coleman, her daughter. Photo by Kim Webster.

Betty Coleman- A Look Back On a Former Ms. Scoop From 1971

By Kim Webster

Betty Coleman tells about her encounter with the legendary founder/publisher of Scoop Mr. Jim Shields and how she became Ms Scoop.   “Now, about me, I met Jim Shields in one of the clubs in Los Angeles in about November of 1971.  It was so funny because he approached me, I didn’t know who he was, and gave me a compliment.  He goes on to ask me if I would like to get a photo spread in the December’s New Years issue.  I thought it was a “Come on”, but I was nice and cordial and accepted his number to call him later.

Later that week, I telephoned and he asked me to bring wardrobe and to meet him at the Scoop Magazine Office on Pico.  It was a Friday night and my family’s band, “The Coleman Reunion” was performing at “The Apartment” Club on Crenshaw near Rodeo Blvd.

My mom was not too happy that I chose to meet him alone, but I felt comfortable, yet slightly nervous and excited at the same time.  I was flattered.  The Scoop Magazine Office was where he said, so I went in, we picked out my wardrobe, did my make-up and fluffed out my natural and the photo shoot began.  He was very professional and I was comfortable.  We finished a few hours later, I left and met my family at the club.

I will never forget the night when our group reported to work at the club, and there it was.  The Scoop Magazine dated Thursday, December 30, 1971 was placed throughout the club and city of L. A.  My face on the front page, and my photo spread in the second to last page in the Scoop.  He meant what he said, and I was impressed.”

From: Betty Coleman <bettyjcoleman@gmail.com>

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