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Cover photo-Nayeli Cordova. Inside Photo- Nayeli Cordova has an organization, Nayeli Arts, that assists models and helps with personal development. Visit her website at

By Buddy Sampson

Nayeli Cordova is not your usual model. If you’ve ever seen her style on runway modeling, you will be fascinated at how she sashays down the runway in designer clothes on the tips of her ballerina shoes. It is a stunning sight to see, and presents an unusual flair in the world of modeling. “It was a designer,Trish Martin of  Punk Couture; she’s the one that came up with this idea a few years ago,” said Nayeli Cordova of her eye catching runway technique. “She saw some of my pictures doing ballet, a photo shoot and she loved the way I walked the runway, so she gave me that idea. I tried it and from thereon designers started to be interested in working with that idea.” When she sashayed down the carpet doing the ballet modeling for the first time, she was surprised by the results. “I heard ‘wows’ and some people clapping and I got quite a few requests to repeat the performance,” she said. “And I love that, I get a thrill out entertaining people and giving them what they want to see.” But then again, the stunning Nayeli Cordova isn’t your usual model/dancer. The lady has other talents, including her own company, Nayeli Arts.

Nayeli attended Cotillion in Mexico, where she learned modeling and personal development and also studied modeling in the States. She attended “Alianza Francesa” and “Technologico de Monterrey” schools in Mexico. She also has studied acting and currently works in the legal field as the sub-chairman of the fashion committee for the San Diego Entertainment Sports and Law section.

Currently, Nayeli nurtures and develops models through her organization, Nayeli Arts. “It’s for aspiring and non-aspiring models, and personal development,” said Nayeli of Nayeli Arts. “And personal development of course is focusing on a particular strategy to get them to accomplish their goals, long-term, short-term and gain more concentration in their endeavors. I teach ladylike tangibles- knowing how to wear clothes that truly flatters them as women and embrace femininity in a very respectful, elegant and unique way. ” She has a fashion show coming in April for Camille Wood. She’s also an accomplished writer and you’ll be seeing her works in fashion magazines soon.

Nayeli Cordova wows audiences everywhere, including at a recent fashion show in Hollywood for Shekhar Rehate Designs. Photo by Frank Ross.

If you see this young lady in runway shows, remember we warned you that she’s a sensation, a lady that commands your attention by her grace on the runway. But also remember that she’s more than a model, she’s a rich combination of beauty, business and intelligence. She’s not your usual model- she’s one of the People You Should Know.  For more about Nayeli Cordova, visit her website at

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