Miss Russian LA at the Sofitel Hotel

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Cover photo: Kristina Cheremnykh, Miss Russia LA.Photo by Nelson Shen. Inside photo: Founder and Producer, Miss Russia LA, Lika Osipova (L) with model Ieva Kibare. Photo by Nelson Shen.

By Buddy Sampson

The Sofitel Hotel was locale of a fantastic evening of beauty, entertainment, fashion and music on a warm Sunday evening in Beverly Hills. While warm in Beverly Hills, the heat was actually on the inside of the Sofitel, with stunning ladies that, in addition to their beauty, provided sizzling entertainment.

The extravaganza was hosted by Chris La Vrar, a very talented hip hop artist and speaker, who kept the event moving along. He was funny, entertaining, quick on his feet and professional, and made the unexpected seem part of the show. He was fantastic.

Lika Osipova with Miss Russia LA Production Manager Francesco Luparello. Photo by Nelson Shen.

“We live in California and there are a lot of Russian people here,” said Lika Osipova, an actress, who was the founder, producer and director of the sold-out show. But why was the show so popular? ”Because it’s about Russian girls,” laughed Lika. “Everybody loves Russian girls. I do it every year and I think it’s going to get bigger. I want to do a reality show about Miss Russia LA, about the girls, the strong characters and we’re moving that way, and I think it’s going to be next year.” For more information, visit her website at www.likaosipova.com.

Sponsored by Popkoff’s, among other sponsors, patrons at the event were treated to a night of food, provided by Pacific Coast Catering, vodka provided by White Tiger and spectacular entertainment, starting with a magic show by Stowe and Ekaterina. Brooklyn Jay, who sizzled as a rapper and dancer was refreshing and entertaining. It was great to see his terrifically choreographed performance, with tight and crisp dancing that electrified the audience. Singer Jerome Dean moved the audience with a lovely rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me.” He later took the stage and sang “Happy,” which got the audience moving and grooving. Later, singer Stephanie Gerald sang “All About That Bass,” with an upright bassist and she was amazing.

Brooklyn Jay. Photo by The Scoop LA.

Jerome Dean. Photo by The Scoop LA.

Stephanie Gerald. Photo by Bob Delgadillo.

Elegant Eva Mejl, fashion designer, presented one of her designs to the winner.  And what gives her the inspiration for her fashions? “My designs are so different,” said Eva Mejl.”People can inspire me, colors, weather, good mood, anything.” See her designs at www.evamejl.com.

Eva Mejl. Photo by The Scoop LA.

Eva Mejl, a fashion designer, presented one of her designs to the winner of Miss Russia LA. Photo by Ryan Castro. Visit her website at www.evamejl.com.

Contestant Tati Diacova sizzles in an elegant evening dress by European Fashion Store and Oksana Barkagan as emcee/host Chris La Vrar looks on. Photo by Nelson Shen.

The swimwear competition was a delight to the eyes. Photo by Nelson Shen.

The audience was treated to a competition between the contestants that was eye-catching. Photo by CPC News.

Contestants demonstrated all kinds of talent. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Kristina Cheremnykh, who won the title of Miss Russia LA wowed the audience with her jive dance. Photo by DJLPhotos.com.

European Fashion Store and Oksana Barkagan, were responsible for some of the evening wear, including this ensemble. Photo by Nelson Shen.

One portion of the show featured the beauty contestants in blue metallic ensembles. Photo by Nelson Shen.

One of the eye-popping design by Lora Brovko, who designed gowns for the ladies evening wear. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Red always captures attention. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Elegance was the order of the day at the Miss Russia LA competition in Beverly Hills. Photo By Nelson Shen.

Tati Diacova may not have won the contest, but she won fans in this elegant and classy design by Lora Brovko. Photo by Nelson Shen.

The triumphant winners. Lina Tkachuk, (L), Kristina Cheremnykh, the winner, Miss Russia LA (C), and Tamara Rzaeva. Photo by Nelson Shen.

But the show belonged to the beautiful contestants and they were nothing short of amazing. The judges, which included Kenneth Dixon of Warner Brothers, Christy Gibel, actress (“Little Women LA”), Elena Bartusova, designer Elena Darvich, director and producer Evgeny Afineevsky, Dr. Issac Verbuh, designer Lora Brovko and director and producer Michael Feinstein had lovely choices among the beautiful women that competed. Lora Brovko, who has an elegant eye for design, designed gowns for the evening wear portion of the extravaganza. The ladies’ performances were outstanding, ranging from belly dancing, to singing to dancing. The eventual winner, Kristina Cheremnykh, Ms. Russia LA, fascinated the audience with dancing that was amazing to watch. The silver medalist of the World Dance competition, she did a jive that was worthy of television shows like “Dancing With The Stars.” Tamara Rzaeva, who was the 2nd runner up, was simply amazing and Lina Tkachuk, the 1st runner up delighted the audience. But the night belonged to Kristina Cheremnykh, who deservedly won. Her personality, beauty, talent and grace made her a clear winner.

Be sure you buy your ticket for next year’s pageant early. It’ll be guaranteed to sell out. Lika Osipova knows how to throw a terrific event and if you want to be thoroughly entertained, be sure to attend next year. For more information, visit www.likaosipova.com.

The winner, Miss Russia LA, Kristina Cheremnykh. She was nothing short of amazing. Photo by Nelson Shen.

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