Hollywood Weekly Honors Prince Tonye-Princewill at Pre-Grammy Event

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Cover photo: Prather Jackson, Publisher, Hollywood Weekly Magazine, with poster of Prince Tonye-Princewill. Inside photo: Prather Jackson (C) poses with the "B" Girls, Guitar Sallye and Tamah. Both photos by The Scoop LA.

By Buddy Sampson

Hollywood Weekly, www.hollywoodweeklymagazine.com honored Prince Tonye-Princewill at a music event that took place prior to the Grammys February 7, 2015.

“Prince Tonye-Princewill is running for governor in three river states in Nigeria,” said Prather Jackson, Publisher, HollywoodWeeklyMagazine.com. “Prince Princewill is a great humanitarian and he’s a great ambassador for Nigeria and for the world at large. I’m really excited about his candidacy and Hollywood Weekly is honoring him for our Pre-Grammy party on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.”

The event was a small extravaganza that featured a panel on music that included Newton Lee, editor of “Digital Da Vinci: Computers in Music,” Ian Boxill, Grammy winning mixer and engineer, Shele Sondheim, music writer and producer, Jeff Broadbent, award winning game music composer, Isaac Schankler, composer and researcher at USC and Chapman University and country expert Marvin Sprull, who gave his insights on the future of country music.

Keeira Lyn Ford at the Pre-Grammy event. Photo by The Scoop LA.

There were not only music industry veterans in attendance but great music as well. Michael D. Coxson, of Hollywood Weekly hosted the music for the event and provided laughs all day long. Jennifer Knight and her bass player, Curt Mychael added flair to the event in the early going. Young and talented group High Definition later took the stage. Their tight vocals and harmonies as well as their slick dance moves will make them stars someday. Watch out for them. K.P. Fitz performed and he is one of the most unique and talented up and coming artists on the music scene. His music is an amazing fusion of country meets hip hop. He’s a true talent. Also watch out for this young man. He performed a song called “A Different Kind of Country.” It was fascinating to watch.

Emcee N.I.C.E. did a great set and he did an old school type groove that is destined to be a hit. He’s a very talented rapper. Also performing were Paulo, who did solo guitar with a Brazilian flair, Jada Cacchilla and Keeira Lyn Ford, a very talented country artist with a big voice. If you like funk, as usual, The “B” Girls, featuring Guitar Sallye and Tamah rocked the house and had people groovin’.

Rodney Allen Rippy. Photo by The Scoop LA.

Spotted at the event was Rodney Allen Rippy. You may remember him from TV a number of years ago. Rodney hasn’t been doing a lot of parts lately, but he hasn’t been sitting on his laurels. He’s been behind the scenes in TV working in television advertising and producing. He’s also a partner in a film production company. He ran for mayor of Compton in 2013, and he’s doing just fine. It was fantastic to chat with him. Additionally, we ran into Greg Williams. Remember the group Switch? Greg is their keyboardist and arranger and an amazing guy.

Thanks to the “B” Girls and Prather Jackson for inviting me to a wonderful event. For more information on Hollywood Weekly, visit www.hollywoodweeklymagazine.com.

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