VertroTV’s New Show “Adventures With Javelyn” a reality show with the Unpredictable and Zany Javelyn Seeks Sponsors and Advertisers

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Bubbly. Talented. Effervescent. Unpredictable. These are words that describe Javelyn, a sultry actress, host, singer and songwriter, whose show, “VertroTV’s Adventures of Javelyn,” will showcase many of the characteristics that declare her a captivating figure to watch.

Advertisers – TV is the best way to get maximum return on your investment. Advertisers will find the best return for their advertising buck with ads for the show that start at $100, which includes a graphic advertisement for your service, business or career.  And, with 3 million viewers on VertroTV, which enjoys distribution through Filmon, which has 11 million viewers in the U.S. and 40 million viewers worldwide, many eyes will see your product. “It’ll be an interactive reality music adventure,” said Javelyn, whose live performances are unpredictable, to say the least. ”The concept of it is-the idea of taking the old-fashioned variety show that used to be cool back in the day, like Sonny and Cher and Carol Burnett or even Saturday Night Live, where it used to not just about the artists, but it was about the audience.”

Javelyn’s show will be part of an innovative TV format, VertroTV. VertroTV’s mantra is “Bringing You The Best Shows On The Go.” VertroTV can be accessed for free via any mobile device, computer Smart TV, ROKU screens everywhere.  The channel is already seen in Europe and Australia, and it’s easily accessible using regular TV or cable.” The new breakthrough format of VertroTV network allows viewers to have input to the TV shows they watch and win prizes and other benefits from the network.

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Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist Javelyn. The potential hit show is selling very affordable advertising spots for the small investor.

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