VertroTV’s “Adventures With Javelyn”

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Cover and inside photo- Javelyn, in a recent performance at the Unurban Cafe in Santa Monica, will have a reality show, "VertroTV's Adventures With Javelyn." For more information, visit

By Buddy Sampson

Bubbly. Talented. Effervescent. Unpredictable. These are words that describe Javelyn, a sultry actress, host, singer and songwriter, whose show, “VertroTV’s Adventures With Javelyn,” will showcase many of the characteristics that declare her a captivating figure to watch.

“This will be a reality music adventure,” laughed Javelyn, “It’ll be an interactive reality music adventure. The concept of it is-the idea of taking the old-fashioned variety show that used to be cool back in the day, like Sonny and Cher and Carol Burnett or even Saturday Night Live, where it used to not just about the artists, but it was about the audience.  We want to take this idea and marry it with the tech-savviness of 2014, which is the trending, on the go, ‘in the field’ type culture and technology. I think that’s what’s crystal clear about doing this music reality “adventure” show format is that anything can happen, and it will be fun and the audience can give us total feedback of what they want to see as the weeks go on.”

Javelyn(R) pictured with percussionist Marz (L) and bassist Buddy Sampson, is a bubbly and entertaining actress, singer, performer and songwriter. She'll be featured in VertroTV's "Adventures With Javelyn."

“Lately, it seems that the genre’s more about ‘hey oh, let’s discover you,’ which is great, like “American Idol,” and “The Voice,” and that’s a cool genre, but there are many of them,” Javelyn explained.  “What I see lacking right now is a variety show where there’s an entertainer that’s hosting something- where there’s music and also there’s guests. Instead of the old shows where most were done with a live audience or sound stage, what we are doing with the show is spinning it into the 21st century of technology, where we take it into the field, be it a live show, be it a rehearsal, be it visiting some fun, trending IT business personality, and doing it in the reality show format, where anything can happen.”

Javelyn's adventures (or misadventures) are captured on film in VertroTV's "Adventures With Javelyn."

Flying on the seat of her pants is nothing new for Javelyn. She has the distinction of having excelled as a graduate of the 2nd City Comedy Improv Training Center in Los Angeles. That helped her to garher her sensibility for improvisation and to handle chaos, which can happen in a live setting.  “It changed my life,” said Javelyn. “It even affected my music writing. What I loved about about 2nd City Training was that all of my instructors were from Chicago and it was the first time I’d ever took a class where it wasn’t about me, it was about someone else and it was amazing training to learn how to work in any situation, it’s helped me as a musician, it’s helped me as a writer, it’s helped me as a host to a show, because it’s so fun. I very much treasured the entire experience. I’m a proud graduate. ”

Javelyn began her acting career when she was in grade school in a very familiar institution. “In the beginning, I was in the Girl Scouts, “laughed Javelyn. “There are these badges that you have to do things for, so as a kid, there was a badge called dramatics and I thought it was dance.” She was surprised when everyone started reading scripts and she asked what she thought was an innocent question. “I asked ‘where’s the dancing?’ and everyone laughed,” she reflected. Once Javelyn understood the dramatic arts, she excelled. She landed the lead part in a play and hasn’t looked back.  Recently, she completed a film out of New York that’s in post-production, “Dynamite-A Cautionary Tale.” Additionally she’s returning to New York in January 2015 to work on a production called “My Last Christmas,” a film that spotlights a debilitating disease, MLS. “I’m very honored to be able to work with that cast,” she said of the production, which plans to give some of the proceeds to MLS Foundations.

What made the old variety shows so successful? “What made those shows special is that it wasn’t just about the artists, it was about the audience  and having fun,”she said of Cher, Carol Burnett and the comedy hosts of that era. “Saturday Night Live is probably the closest example of a current variety show that still maintains a bit of that fun, old-fashioned flavor. Sure, they were amazing performers, they were campy, they were funny, but they put their audiences first. It wasn’t just about the actors; it was about the show and the people watching. ”

Javelyn has a camera crew following her around, which will make for unpredictable hilarity in VertroTV's "Adventures With Javelyn."

In her show, Javelyn not only highlights her adventures (and misadventures), but she emphasizes the people in her life that are most important to her. “We all need people,” said Javelyn, “And I also realized, I didn’t want to make a ‘diva’ show. This show is about the people in my life that make me. Hopefully, when people watch the show they can see that it is at a bigger level, that we all make each other, and that there’s a lot of people that are just like me that are doing their arts.”  Javelyn also runs a music showcase, “Java With Javelyn Indie Music Nites,” and part of the show will feature her performances and some of the behind the scene drama and chaos often associated with any live production. “I realized that I was good at putting shows together,” said Javelyn, who has helped several artists excel. She produced a critically acclaimed compilation record series “Java With Javelyn Indie Music” which has featured many brilliant up and coming talents. “We got about 8 songs placed in film from those CDs,” she said, “and we are very proud of that.”

Javelyn’s show will be part of an innovative TV format, VertroTV. VertroTV’s mantra is “Bringing You The Best Shows On The Go.” VertroTV can be accessed for free via any mobile device, computer Smart TV, ROKU screens everywhere. “We’re taking it to the next level, we’re taking it to the future,” said Javelyn about the VertroTV channel format. “You can see it on your IPad, your phone and the channel is already seen in Europe and Australia, and it’s easily accessible using regular TV or cable.” The new breakthrough format of VertroTV network allows viewers to have input to the TV shows they watch and win prizes and other benefits from the network. On Javelyn’s show, viewers will enjoy her show, in addition to the possibility of winning prizes and tickets. “The channel is interactive in most of its programming, including our show because viewers, subscribers and fans can give their input,” said Javelyn, “This is exciting because as the show goes along it’s molded, so it’s not only the producer’s brainchild, it’s also a part of the people who watch the show, so the fans feel much more connected to it because they have a say, they have an opinion.”

What does Javelyn hope that viewers get out of the show? “There’s a lot of people all over the world just like me, “said Javelyn. “I hope what they get out of it is that I’m somebody trying to have fun in the midst of life that can be crazy.”  You can count on “VertroTV’s Adventures With Javelyn,” to be fun, and prepare for an unforgettable and unpredictable experience.

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