Diana Barash-A Miracle of Love

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Diana Barash's CD "A Miracle of Love," can be found on Pandora and on www.Smoothjazz.com.

By Buddy Sampson

Diana Barash has a message for the masses. Her CD, “A Miracle of Love,” a project she co-produced, which just this week made its debut on Pandora, contains songs of inspiration and love. With so many of today’s music, which contains lyrics that discourage rather than encourage, “A Miracle of Love” is a refreshing change of pace.

Born in Eastern Europe, Diana was born during the tumultuous time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. From a musical family, she started studying classical music at the tender age of seven.  “I sang and danced before I started walking or talking,” said Diana Barash. “I wanted to be a ballerina.” Diana always had creative energy, sometimes at the consternation of her teachers and fellow students in school. “I was sitting in class and I’m humming my melodies and I don’t even notice,” she said. “Someone said ‘Quiet!’ and I was like ‘what am I doing? It was something that has always been with me.”

Diana’s family, who lived in Moldava, (Moldavia) moved to Israel when Diana was 9. However, her mother decided to move to the United States when she was sixteen. It was a huge culture shock. “It was tough, because I had already had one migration,” she said. “It wasn’t like moving to another state or moving to another house. But when you move every time to a different culture, a different language to a different country it’s very tough.” However, the mix of a myriad of cultures has had a very positive effect on her music.

Co-produced by Ed Roth and John Hakakian, “A Miracle of Love,” is destined to receive radio play in the Pop and Smooth Jazz genres. “I come from classical music and jazz,” said Diana Barash. “I think when you know those two (genres of music) you can do anything.” Written by Diana Barash and jazz pianist/composer Sunnie Paxson, the attractive singer got inspiration for her material from a variety of sources. “Every song is different,” said Diana. “When I started this project, I went to see a show downtown and when I hear something great, I start humming it and then new ideas start pouring out.” She also gained a lot of inspiration from a dear friend, Larisa, that died as a result of cancer-related issues; Larisa’s strength was a source of creativity. “She was young and full of life,” she said. After Larisa passed away, Diana was inspired to write. She wrote many of the songs on the project, including the title track “A Miracle of Love.”

When asked whether today’s music is innovative versus music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90s, Diana had an interesting response. “It’s less innovative, today, most of the songs are written with 2 or 3 chords, and instead of lyrics, and poignant lyrics, it’s substituted with yeah, yeah, oh, oh, ah, ah,” she laughed. “That’s not what I grew up with, to say it nicely. And everyone today seems as if they’re trying to sound like everyone else.”

Currently, Diana is working on releasing a new single “Cyber Love,” and plans to begin filming the music video in October. “It’s up tempo and a dance tune,” she said about the single, a song about love in today’s cyber age.

What did Diana hope to accomplish from her latest effort? “It’s about inspiring people to be themselves and not follow the herd,” explained the singer, who also has a daughter, 14, that is a songwriter and singer. “Being true to yourself and believe in yourself.” Those lyrics are in a video she made for her song, “Live Your Life,” featured here.

“For a lot of people out there, it’s a herd mentality,” Diana reflected. “You have to ask questions and know what you want.” With so much going on in the world today and with many needing inspiration, “A Miracle of Love” is a sorely needed project. “I’m hoping to reach people and that people listen to the messages,” said Diana Barash. “The messages are transformative.”

Diana Barash's CD features songs of love and inspiration. Visit her website at www.dianabarash.com.

Visit transformative artist Diana Barash’s website at www.DianaBarash.com. Diana’s music can also be found on Smoothjazz.com and on Pandora.

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