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Cover-Lexie Rich. Inside photo- Lexie Rich has overcame adversity and is coming into her own.

Universal Appeal

By Buddy Sampson

Alexandra “Lexie” Fayth Rich, of Gilbert, Arizona, started performing at a young age. She studied ballet, and when she was 12, debuted in the Ballet Etudes Nutcracker production at Chandler Center of Performing Arts, where she was studying to develop her dancing technique.

Lexie Rich loves entertaining. She works at Universal Studios in Hollywood, charming the masses as a character actor in the park, and at 22, the effervescent model, choreographer and actress has the world at her feet. “You literally have to act with your feet,” laughed Lexie Rich about working as a character actor. “That’s been really fun, it’s total improv.”

Many performers have developed their skills in their church communities and Lexie’s strong roots in her congregation at Rock Point Church in Arizona offered her that opportunity. She co-founded, choreographed and performed in the church’s Easter and Christmas programs. “I was born and raised in church, my Mom was a Children’s Ministry Director, so our community and friends were all connected in this little town,” said Lexie. Choreographing, however, was no easy task, considering she had to manage over two hundred children, but her kind and playful nature served her well.

The actress and dancer studied at the Academy of Cinema and Television in Phoenix. She loves lyrical dancing and hip hop as well. As an actress, she appeared in her first independent feature, “Michael’s Hearing Problem,” which was acknowledged at the San Tan Short Film Festival. She was also featured in the documentary “Branded,” a film about the sex slave industry in the U.S. Later, she cut her teeth as a print model, and her ad campaigns were featured in Runway Magazine.

The young lady moved to Los Angeles with her family from her hometown of Gilbert with huge dreams and a desire to excel and perform. However, Lexie had to rise from adversity. “I had some health problems when I moved out here,” she said. “Some were life threatening at the time but I learned a lot from it, I got through it. My world went from auditioning and meetings to figuring out how am I going to function and recover. I was constantly running to doctor’s appointments and had lengthy hospital stays. Everything in my life was completely shifting,” she reflected.

However, adversity fuels action and Lexie was determined to rise above it. Now completely recovered, she has rediscovered herself and is beginning to make her mark on Hollywood. “I went through so much and now I am able to connect with my physical body again. It’s truly something special, that’s why I like dancing so much,” said Lexie.

Lexie Rich works as an character actress at the Universal Studios theme park and will be doing exciting things in the near future.

When asked what kind of films she’d like to do in the future, she answered without hesitation. “I really want to do action films,” she laughed. “I can see myself in Transformers or something of that nature. I love exploring physicality, dancing and working out, so I’d love to incorporate movement into my acting.” Actresses she admires include Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. She also admires hip hop performers like Kanye West and Jason Derulo.

She was recently accepted into a mentor program with producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis, honing and sharpening her skills as an actress and entertainer and enjoying life as a new Los Angeles performer. “I’m kind of in a boot camp type training,” said Lexie. “I’m just trying to get ready.” But Lexie has shown she’s ready. Her universal appeal, grit, personality, effervescence, determination and ability to rise above adversity will propel her to success. Lexie Rich is definitely one of the People You Should Know.

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