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Cover photo-Jacnique. Inside photo- Jacnique at a recent concert at the Celebrity Theatre. Photo by Bob Delgadillo.

The Flowery-Voiced Singer Releases Her Latest EP

By Bernard Samms

Jacnique Harris-Love is one those earth angels you hear or meet once in a lifetime. With her trademark flower in her hair and very elegant look, the singer/songwriter exudes charm and grace. And that charm and grace is evident on Jacnique’s latest EP offering, “Rise In Love.”  “When I first set out doing this CD, I had in mind that the “Rise in Love” Deluxe EP to be a preview to the “Rise In Love” full length album,” said Jacnique. “And when I set out to make the CD, I was really looking for a smooth, mellow, urban, jazzy vibe. “ Although Jacnique captures a neo-soul and urban vibe on her latest offering, the six song project has much more to offer.

Jacnique, of San Francisco, who has performed in several Los Angeles venues, including the Viper Room, credits several singers and vocalists as influences for her beautiful music. She loves Nancy Wilson, but credits another California singer for being instrumental in her career. “The very first singer to inspire me to sing and write was Teena Marie,” she said. “When I first heard her album with ‘Square Biz,’ and ‘Portuguese Love,’ all those lyrics to all of those songs on that album, like each and every one, stopped me in my tracks. It was like ‘wow’ this is what I want to do; her voice was just amazing, gorgeous and passionate. She really, really made me want to sing and write.” She also listened to Phyllis Hyman, Miki Howard, Vesta Williams, Regina Belle, Patti LaBelle, Prince, and Kenny Burrell. “I love music in general, and I love all kinds of music, but I really love jazz and smooth jazz.”

Jacnique's Deluxe EP, "Rise In Love," is available on CD Baby and I Tunes. Click on the photo above to go to her website for more information.

Growing up in San Francisco definitely affected her musical sensibilities. “My family is from Louisiana but my sisters and I grew up in San Francisco,” said the singer. “That was very cool because it was a very eclectic experience. There were a lot of different cultures there blending well. It is a beautiful place, great restaurants, art museums- a lot of culture in a small place. It was fabulous.”

The title track on her EP, “Rise In Love,” has a breezy, island feel to it, perfect for contemporary radio listening. The soft and ethereal vocals on the track are reminiscent of the great Brazilian singers, like Flora Purim, who enchanted the jazz and fusion scene in the 80’s and 90’s. Jacnique’s voice serves as an R&B counterpoint instrument over a Brazilian/Latin feel. “The title track, “Rise In Love,” really means a lot to me, because when I first started writing this record, I was really going through a lot,” she said. “I was going through the end of a marriage and the beginning of a divorce and really pushing through as an independent artist and doing shows, being in the public eye.” But that process was not easy. “I had to constantly put a smile on my face and get through adversity as best I could,” she reflected. “And so to me, “Rise In Love” is a very powerful statement itself and the title track to the record is about rising in love and not letting life cloud your view of love.”

“Press Play,” is a dance tune, one of those funk/disco grooves where you’d grab your guy, girl or friend and lead them to the dance floor. “It’s a straight up dance song,” laughs Jacnique. “That kind of gives the CD a little something different. “ Jacnique displays her San Francisco roots on this CD, particularly on this offering. “Sunrise” is perhaps our favorite of the CD and beautiful vocals saturate this incredible ballad. Great to dance to, “Sunrise” features Jacnique’s flowery voice, punctuated by a silky saxophone solo. “I’m a romantic and I watch a lot of beautiful, romantic movies and so for me that was like a fantasy,” said Jacnique of “Sunrise.” “It’s about waking up in the morning to the one you love and enjoying their company to the fullest.” “Audio Portrait” has a jazz groove to it, which gives Jacnique a canvas in which to paint her smooth vocal. She shows that she’s adept at hitting an upper range of notes, which are sweet and engaging.  The lyric in Jacnique’s track “Zero To One Hundred” spotlight the complex nuance of relationship, its ebb and flow and its up and downs. Jacnique explores that dynamic to perfection on this tune with passionate vocals. “One Love,” with its simple arrangement and instrumentation of guitar, drums and vocals, has a contemporary feel to it, with rich background vocals. Jacnique explores the ideal of the perfect love on this track. Her sensitive vocals give the listener food for thought on how to formulate an ideal relationship.

“Rise In Love” is perhaps Jacnique’s finest effort to date. “From the messages in the music and the music itself, I feel that even on the EP, which is just six songs, there’s something for everyone on it,” said the flowery voiced singer.  “I really hope that overall, people are able to listen to this music and be inspired to go on another day. I just hope the messages in my music will lift people and give them strength to go on.”

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