“Unorganized Crime” at the Elephant Theatre

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(L-R) Chazz Palminteri, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Kenny D'Aquila.

Unorganized Crime

By Buddy Sampson

Chazz Palminteri excels in the L.A. stage theater production “Unorganized Crime,” at the Elephant Theater, located in Hollywood.

The production, written by actor Kenny D’Aquila (Les Miserables), stars Elizabeth Rodriguez , Carmen Argenziano, Jack Topalian, D’Aquila and Palminteri. “I liked him and I liked the show and I thought it was a good time for me to have Hollywood and New York see this talented young man,“ said Chazz Palminteri. “When I read the play, I thought it was a wonderful play and there was a voice in the play I haven’t heard before, the style was unique.”

D’Aquila plays a tormented man, Gino Sicuso, brother of Sal (Palminteri) who is relegated to being a waiter, after not being assigned to a higher place in the family mob business. He is married to Rosie (Elizabeth Rodriguez) an unscrupulous lady who also desires a higher position in the family. Rosie is an ex-stripper who makes money in unconventional ways, including paying their rent to Haakim, the landlord (Topelian) by using sexual favors as currency. Palminteri plays Sal, the menacing brother of Gino, who is a certified mobster. The dark comedy deftly illustrates the complicated dynamic of a mob family business and the loyalties between father, son and brothers.

Directed by David Fofi, if you enjoy mobster movies or plays, you’ll love this performance. Palminteri is ruthless as Sal and incredibly engaging, but menacing. Rodriguez, Topalian and Argenziano give masterful performances. But the game ball belongs to D’Aquila, who delivers a heartfelt performance as Gino, in addition to writing a tight script. Palminteri recognized talent in the young writer and remembered a previous, but important moment in his life, when someone recognized talent in him as well. “I met him (D’Aquila) and he’s a terrific actor and writer,” said Palminteri. “I’ve never forgotten that 20 years ago, Robert DeNiro gave me a shot when I was doing my play (A Bronx Tale) and I try to repay that favor constantly.”

Run, not walk to see “Unorganized Crime” a story about family dynamics with a mob perspective. You will be thoroughly entertained and we highly recommend that you view this small theater production.

Very limited engagement. Running until May 31st at the Elephant Theater, located at 1076 N. Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA, near the corner of Santa Monica and Vine, in Hollywood. Tickets may be purchased online by visiting www.tix.com or by calling (800) 595-4849.

Special thanks to David Elzer and DEMAND PR.

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