KJLH Radio Personality Tammi Mac Performs in BAG LADY at Stage 52 Playhouse

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Cover Photo-(L-R) Tammi Mac and Iona Morris. Inside Photo (L-R) Vanessa Bell Calloway, Dawnn Lewis, Tammi Mac, Freda Payne, Judy Pace, and Ebony Steele (from Dish Nation). Both photos by Kim Webster.

By Kim Webster

Los Angeles CA –  Experiences in our childhood, both negative and positive, follow us on a lifelong journey.  In the opening scene of “BAG LADY” we witness a little girl traumatized by sexual abuse,  which becomes her first “bag” of emotional pain.  Tammi Mac transforms into many characters and uses creative animation, sound effects, and choreography to tell a story based on her life experiences.  We visualize Scooter with his baby momma drama, Anthony the college boy 2 timing liar, Dominique the “do” boy, the cold-hearted Jerome, Johnny the country boy, Flav the crack dealer, and a life changing adventure with rapper Eazy E.  There’s also the “homegirls” who are by her side along the way.  Tammi Mac’s dance sequence with her best friend Robbie is phenomenal and the final scene had this reporter saying “WOW!”

“BAG LADY” entertains, and makes one self evaluate and begin to count the unnecessary “bags” that they are carrying.  The play focuses on choices we make that make us unhappy and unable to focus on progressing towards happiness.  This play had the audiences undivided attention from beginning ‘til end and when the house lights came on, there were a few teary eyes. Directed by Iona Morris, created and performed by Tammi Mac, “BAG LADY” shows us how emotional “bags” are heavier than material bags, but the one thing they both have in common is… they all weigh us down!

“BAG LADY” now showing at Stage 52 Playhouse, 5299 West Washington Blvd,  Los Angeles, CA 90019. (323) 549-9026.

Tammi Mac and Iona Morris. Photo by Kim Webster.

Tammi’s family and friends flew in from Houston TX, and her uncle and aunt Gary & Yolanda McCall (inset photo) said, “We are very proud of her and knew she would be very successful.” Photo by Kim Webster.

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