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Cover and Inside photos- Pure Freedom. Photo by Dontae Napper. Her single, "Love Thy Haters," is featured on You Tube.

Keepin’ It Real

Many people are fooled by Pure Freedom’s appearance. With her blue lipstick and short hair, she’s often confused for a guitarist, bass player or rocker. “People are attracted are attracted by the look, they think it’s crazy, funky or something, and then when I say I’m a rap artist, they laugh at me,” said Pure Freedom. “I’m not the gangsta, the hard, or the overly sexy type of woman, that’s what they expect. I’m a hippee.”  However, Pure Freedom’s name exemplifies who she is as an artist. She is blazing her own trail, shattering the boundaries of what we know rap and hip hop to be as it is today.

Pure Freedom, who legally changed her name from Sabrena, was born in Compton and raised in Long Beach. As most people know, much of the legacy of rap and hip hop originated from those two cities. However, Pure Freedom is not the typical rapper and singer you hear from those cities. Freedom, who started rapping at age 12, always knew she had a talent. “I was born with the gift of writing to music,” said Pure Freedom, who, at first had a bit of opposition from someone close to her. “My Mom said ‘No it leads to drugs and alcohol,’ so I literally left it alone after songs, and winning a lot of rap contests within the city of Carson, Long Beach and Compton.”

Her first rap competition went well, but not without a struggle. “I was very nervous, I was in the senior division (of the competition) 12 and up, and said ‘I’m in a competition with all of these grown men?’” she laughed. “It was all men, I was the only girl, plus I was 12, these guys were like 18 and 20 years old.” She rapped to Mix Master Spade’s instrumental and took home the first place prize. “I used his instrumental and just rapped about stuff that girls would say here,” said the sexy rapper. “Everyone was laughing, and before you know it, it was the end of the night and I got first place. I was shocked.”

In the 90’s, Freedom danced on a very popular dance show, “Soul Train,” from 92-97. That led to dancing in music videos for Coolio and Domino among others. She even auditioned for Bell, Biv and Devoe, a popular group in the 90’s. But something was missing from her life. She needed a career. Pure Freedom decided to get a solid career working in the import/export business. She’s been in that industry for 17 years.

Through an ex-boyfriend, she met Moe Z MD, who made a track for her. She wrote a rap to the track and in a few days, it was noticed by a number of DJ’s. “I said wow, people are liking this, I’m going to drop it on I Tunes,” she reflected. Within a flash, she became in demand, performing at clubs, including Maverick’s Flat and appearances on radio stations. She even found herself in Europe, performing in the Czech Republic. “I went on tour with Neb Luv and it was cool,” she said. “It was a different experience. I’m proud of taking the courage of not being mentally afraid and doubtful to fly 14 hours, because everyone was ‘you better be careful because they may try to kidnap you and traffic you.’ But that’s the mentality from the hood. People are afraid to do anything, and I’m not.” On her new project, “Love Thy Haters,” which featured Moe Z MD and Moe Z MD’s wife, Bobbi Delane, Pure Freedom sings the hook. When asked who she listens to, in terms of music, Freedom gave a perhaps unusual response. “Kenny Loggins is just bad ass to me, he’s one of the best,” she said. “I don’t know if you know it, but “Love Thy Haters” is a sample from Kenny Loggins.” She likes bands like Parliament, featuring George Clinton and Digital Underground. On her current project, her producers are DJ Slice, who produced her last track, “She’s Free,” in which she applies her free flow rapping to Cameo’s “She’s Strange,” and Moe Z MD. “I want to do stuff that kids can listen to and can be played at house parties, barbeques, baby showers and all that,” said Pure Freedom, when asked about where she hopes her music is played.

Pure Freedom will be performing in San Diego next month and in Las Vegas and Texas soon. She plans on giving back to the community by helping youth with preparing for job interviews and helping with the homeless. Check out more information about this sensational artist. Visit www.teampurefreedom.com.

“Rhyming was something I was born with,” said Pure Freedom. “But I want people to feel good and be comfortable with who they are, that’s my main goal. My music is about peace and it’s also about setting people straight. It’s all about keepin’ it real.”

Pure Freedom’s talent, her music, originality and her ability of“Keepin’ It Real” is why she is one of the People You Should Know.

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