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Valeria Goncharova Barrett. She will be a Fashion Contributor for The Scoop LA.

The Innovative Fashion Designer Will Give Her Perspective on LA Fashion

The Los Angeles fashion industry is an underrated industry. While not a fashion mecca such as Paris, Italy and New York, Los Angeles has flair of its own. People associate Los Angeles with the California, laid-back lifestyle, with swimsuits, shorts, tank tops and casual wear.  However, Hollywood and Los Angeles, with its movie stars, red carpets and nightlife, has an exciting fashion scene.

The Scoop LA will spotlight the glamour and innovation of Los Angeles Fashion. We have an exciting new contributor, Valeria Aleksandrovna Goncharova, also known as Valeria Goncharova Barrett, a renowned fashion designer, who, from time to time, will give her thoughts on LA Fashion.

Valeria was born and raised in Eastern Europe into an extraordinary family of artists who lived and navigated through a harsh life under Soviet regime during a stagnant era. To help nurture Valeria’s creative talents, her parents managed to provide a progressive cradle of arts and culture for her and her brother. She started her creative career at the age of five by painting large watercolor artworks in Vincent van Gogh style, and launched her design career at the age of seven by fashioning a pair of shoes from scraps of fabric and rubber.

Her aristocratic family roots contributed to her creative eye and great sense of style. Her mother is a well-known Eastern European artist and is the great granddaughter of Polish Baron Faust Von Leczycki who lived in Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the 17th century. Her father’s great grandfather was a distant relative to the famous Russian aristocratic beauty, Natalya Nikolaevna Goncharova, who was married to Aleksandr Pushkin, one of the greatest Russian poets of the 19th century.

While earning her fine and decorative arts credentials in Belarusian State University of Arts and Culture, Valeria began showcasing her first fashion design work at the fashion shows in Belarus and Russia. She was immediately noticed by the press as a talented designer after her first high-fashion show called MILA in Belarus. After several costume projects for VIDARIS Theater, conducting art and design workshops at the Municipal Department of Arts and Culture, as well as creating costumes for Belarusian pop singers and songwriters, she moved to the U.S. to continue her fashion design career.

While in California and later in New York, Valeria spent numerous years expanding her expertise in fashion and costume design working for the Italian fashion designer, Midalli, the well-known lingerie company, Burlen Corporation, and Serzh, the off-Broadway theatrical ballet group. She also held some unlikely jobs that were unexpected including acting and modeling, working for the likes of several world-renowned agencies. Modeling industry experience has afforded her the knowledge of fashion design from both onstage and backstage. Her diverse experiences gave her a broader perspective on life and a better understanding of our global society’s structure and values.

After the wide range of jobs in New York, she started her first fashion business and launched a clothing line named ROVA. She quickly gained a reputation as an up-and-coming avant-garde designer, and earned the “Designer of the Year” award, which led to numerous commissions to design one-of-a-kind, haute couture garments for high-profile public figures and celebrities.

Soon after, she accepted an offer from The Walt Disney Company to lead one of their costume production teams in California. While at Disney, Valeria realized the importance of creating her own path, her own world. She launched her new venture called Valeria ROVALUTION, The company that represents a fusion of her multi-cultural knowledge of fine and decorative arts, a progressive sense of fashion, and a holistic approach to life. According to Valeria, “The secret to our happiness is the synergy of the spirit, body, diet and appearance—that’s what Valeria ROVALUTION vision is about!” Currently, Valeria consults a wide range of clients on personal image and lifestyle, designs costumes for entertainment productions, styles various fashion shows and photo shoots and conducts numerous fine art workshops. She is a Fashion/ Lifestyle expert/ correspondent for the PREMIER RADIO USA (the 24-hour Russian radio in CA). Additionally, she speaks at private and public events about her book and recently launched her own online radio show.

She recently covered a few events for LA Fashion Week and will give her thoughts on the burgeoning LA Fashion scene. The Scoop LA is proud to have the stunning and classy designer, who has very innovative designs that will be featured on these pages, to be a contributor to the rich history of The Scoop LA, formerly, The Scoop Newspaper. Visit Valeria’s website at

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