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Cover and inside photo- Kim Somers Egelsee. Cover photo by Rasheed Louis. Attend her seminar Saturday March 29, 2014. Details below.


By Kim Somers Egelsee

Question: I feel like I am at a stand still in life. I am bored, and am not sure what steps to take next? What should I do?

One of the fastest ways for you to grow yourself and your business, find your purpose, meet phenomenal people, gain life altering knowledge, evolve as a person, and have the positive powerful energy of success is to be involved in a mastermind and/or regularly attend workshops, seminars, events or retreats.

Many wonder what all of the fuss or hype is all about? Why can’t I just sit home and read or watch a DVD? Reading, watching a DVD, or listening to inspiring CDs in the car are very effective ways to grow and achieve. However, the difference when you actually attend and participate in a  positive live event or meeting is HUGE! You truly stimulate all of your senses, and engage your mind in very deep ways. The energy created by you and those around you can be felt throughout the room. The energy of being involved in a mastermind, workshop, seminar or retreat with positive people creating growth and change together is an extraordinary shift for all involved. However, you do have to be “involved.”

Here are some tips for getting the most out of seminars and retreats.

1.Choose the right ones to attend with your heart and your intuition. (Are the right positive like minded people going to attend?) (Does this topic stimulate my mind?) (Would my life be enhanced by attending this?) (Would memories be created by being there?)

2.Have the intention right away that you will grow and evolve. Soak it in. It doesn’t mean that you have to use all of the information, but take it in like a college course, and use what applies to you.

3.Communicate with others there; the attendees, the speaker or teacher. Get to know them. (Some of the people you meet at seminars become life long friends, strategic partners, referral buddies, accountability partners and more.) Personally, I have done the research. Personal development events are the BEST way to meet the people that uplift you personally, AND help you in your success in business.

4.Take notes, visualize, be receptive and open minded. Take it in and apply it.


6. Be approachable and flexible.

7.Feel the energy, power, greatness of knowledge and extraordinary learning, growth and change.

8. Finally, realize that when you step out of your home or office, into an event or workshop that inspires, it brings out your spirit within, where there are no phone calls, computers, or distractions nearby. It elevates your consciousness bit by bit. And, step by step you evolve into your true self.


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