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Mattia Fiumani is a charismatic and innovative director and producer. Photo by Ricky Coppolella.

Riding His Vision On A Train To Success

By Buddy Sampson

Filmmakers and producers in Hollywood often have the innate ability to craft an idea, transform it into reality and emotionally affect those that are able to view and experience their vision. There are legends of filmmakers, but few are truly innovators.

However, there’s a new crop of bold, up and coming, exciting filmmakers and producers that are coming into their own and Mattia Fiumani is among them. Fiumani was born and raised in Osimo, Italy, located in the province of Ancona, situated on a hill near the Adriatic Sea. He left home at the age of eighteen, relocating to Sydney, Australia.

“I wanted to learn to surf,” said Fiumani. “I needed to see the beach, I needed to see the desert and the Australian Coast, and so I went for three months, learned the language and returned to Italy.” His dad, who knew how much he liked Australia, encouraged him to return to the country, where Fiumani studied Architecture, earning a Bachelor’s Degree. “He really gave me the chance of my life,“ Fiumani said of his father. ”I went to Architectural school, he financed my Bachelor of Arts there and it wasn’t cheap.  But I had to work, I had learn a new language and deal with a new lifestyle and I was pretty young still.”

Fiumani had watched movies like Blade Runner and several sci-fi movies, but he had a broader view of architecture and soon learned that architecture encompassed several aspects of life. “At some point I realized that architecture was much more,” he explained. “There is a big difference from building for shelter and building for entertainment.”  The young Fiumani gained inspiration, since architecture is used in the entertainment industry for constructing sets in Hollywood and creating atmosphere.

Motivated, he relocated to Lausanne, Switzerland, earning his Master’s Degree in Architecture. Later, he attended New York University, where he studied film.  “I was dreaming of cinema,” he said, “because I wanted to know the machine of filmmaking. I wanted to know how to work with actors, special effects and sound, particularly music. Music is a great part of my life.  For me, filmmaking was the best way to express my knowledge of architecture.” At New York University, Fiumani began to learn the nuances and nuts and bolts of filmmaking. “I had to shoot with 16 mm, black and white and in color,” he said. “I was there the last year before the program went completely digital. I love photography as well. Photography has always been a part of my life. And to be able to play with 16mm was special. ”

With most of his friends in Berlin being musicians, he realized that music was an important part of the filmmaking process. “We discussed a lot about filmmaking,” he said. “Many of us loved Italian cinema and were sure that together we could find some sort of trajectory.” Collaborating with musicians is definitely important to me.  There is a point where I need the music to drive me somewhere and that’s why music collaboration is very important.”  Fiumani is currently working with rapper Busdriver (Regan Farquhar) on a project slated to start in April. He saw him perform in Berlin, but connected with him in Los Angeles, seeing him perform for an event called “Low End Theory.” He left cards for some of the artist and was very surprised when Busdriver himself called Mattia to work with him. “Wow, what a chance,” he said.  “It was crazy.”

Additionally, Fiumani met producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis, who is helping him achieve his vision as a filmmaker. He is feeling very fortunate about his new journey.  “It’s a train I can’t really stop at this time,” he laughed. “All this came out of chance.”   His directorial debut was a fantasy film called “27
Down,” a film he co-wrote and directed with Arya Mahan that combines his vision of architecture with Marco Polo appearing in dreams of a person having seizures. Visit http:/vimeo.com54316649

He also worked on a documentary, “The Sakakini Palace,” for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. “We had two days to shoot the movie,” he said of the film, which was a challenge.  “It was a documentary and an architectural study.”  Fiumani relishes the idea of directing and producing more films in the near future. “Directing is all about finding ways to describe a vision you have,” said the handsome and charismatic director, who admires such talents as Federico Fellini, David Lynch and Ridley Scott.  “I think the most powerful thing ever is to have a vision and to believe in it,” said Fiumani. “As an artist I always would like to say things which are not simply about having a good time, I’d like to see people leave their comfort zone, to get them to think.” With his vision of architecture meets film, youth and charisma, Mattia Fiumani is on a very positive train to success and one of the People You Should Know.

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