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Alejandra Crisafulli. She is the CEO of Life Creations Education, a life-changing enterprise.

By Buddy Sampson

The Life Coaching industry is becoming a very successful industry. With consumer and personal confidence at an all-time low, life coaching is very important in rekindling growth in personal and business affairs. Alejandra Crisafulli is one of the most successful life coaches. However, Alejandra has a story to tell, a story that has transformed lives.

The founder and CEO of Life Creations Education, a life coaching enterprise, Crisafulli has coached over 1,200 clients and has a proven track record of success.  Why choose to be a life coach? “It’s seeing people literally transform their lives,” said Alejandra Crisafulli when asked. “I mean you see a complete paradigm shift, a complete change in the composition of themselves and their lives.” There are many life coaches. But what makes Life Creations Education different than other life coaching businesses? “We focus in on healing, rather than dealing,” she said. “So healing is all about getting to the core source of why things are the way that they are inside of our lives. That could be in our relationships, money, career, health, whatever that may be, that an individual is wanting to focus in on. There’s a core source or reason as to why. I find that other coaching programs, and I don’t want to disqualify them, because they are valuable, but they focus more on the dealing with it, which is more managing of life’s circumstances, rather than really looking at ‘why are my circumstances like that in the first place.’ We focus on healing, so that you don’t have to keep creating it and then dealing with it.”

Alejandra, who launched her own consulting company in 2000, after working in high level management positions, joined forces with Milady, and helped balloon their life coaching division, Life Works, to span across the country. She garnered a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, after a life-changing experience.

She found herself in the midst of a life crisis. At 24, although successful as a manager after she gained experience working at several high end companies,  such as Aveda, she found herself in a bad relationship, single, pregnant, stressed and depressed. “That was a period in my life where I was so unhappy and I knew I had to make a change in my life,” she reflected. “I decided I needed to fix my life.” She got out of the relationship and decided to have the baby. She went to therapy, but soon found that they wanted to put her on medication. “There’s got to be something out there, that doesn’t involve medication as the answer,” she said. “And that’s when I came to know life coaching.” She worked for a company that offered life coaching and soon found that life coaching was the field for her. “It totally transformed my life, she said. “I’ve been married now for five years, I have a really successful business, with several other life coaches and life is good.”

Business owners and entrepreneurs will find that Life Creations Education can help turn their businesses around. “We’re not just giving them the systems that create profitability or organization in their business, we’re giving them the psychology of why their business needs to exist,” she explained.  Life Creations have helped several businesses to success. They give three day seminars that range from $550 to $1,200. Her and her husband, Eric Myers also run a coffee cafe in Encinitas, California called Lofty Coffee Co. On their website,, it states that their “fundamental purpose is all about the specialty coffees and goods with expositional focus on quality, sustainability and unique customer service.” Alejandra also co-founded another business, “Naked Audience Productions,”, which teaches the skills of authentic communication for speakers and leaders. “It gives you the tools to really connect to an audience,” she said.

Alejandra Crisafulli, a very grounded and successful entrepreneur, candidly reveals one of her personal tools for success. “I live very presently and pride myself on being a life student.” Indeed, the stunning and inspirational life coach, with her business acumen, ability and willingness to help others and transform their lives, makes her one of the People You Should Know.

Need life coaching? Want to better your life and increase sales and productivity for your business? E-mail Life Creations Education at They offer a complimentary consultation to evaluate your personal and business needs. Visit their website at If you are in the Encinitas, California area, visit their coffee café. For more information, visit

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