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Kim Somers Egelsee.

By Kim Somers Egelsee

Question: Motivational speakers are always emphasizing the importance of being around successful, positive people, and staying away from those who bring you down. How do I begin to attract friends and connections like this, and not feel insecure or different when meeting them?

Advice/Coaching: This is true. It is very important to be around the people that “SUE” you; support, uplift and encourage you. It’s also wonderful for you to be this way with them. If you take inventory of the people around you regularly, and there are a lot of energy suckers and negative Nellies, it is time to make over your connections and contacts.

The best way to do this is to start by looking at yourself. What are your best qualities, talents and attributes. What can you do to boost your confidence? You can go out and get a new jacket, trim your hair, smile more, and practice being more friendly and outgoing. You can even read a book like “How to Win Friends and Influence People” By Dale Carnegie for added wisdom.  Next, you want to actually make a list of the “Ideal” types of people you want in your life and your circle. Do you want someone who is a talented entrepreneur, an artist, a positive author, someone you’d like to be like, and/or compassionate, creative and kind people? Maybe you would like a new mentor.

Third, think about the people that you know, know of and even know through social media. Which of these people would you like in your life more? Fourth, create a plan on how to begin spending more time with positive and powerful like- minded people. It is magnificent how much just this alone can enhance and uplift your life. Your plan can include items such as attending two networking, connecting, inspirational or self-development meetings per month, asking one new person to meet for coffee every three weeks, saying yes to events where you know you will meet new fantastic beings, and taking one class or joining one group that involves something you are passionate about.

You can send emails or messages to those you intuitively and energetically just know are meant to be a contact, and just ask them to coffee, lunch or for a phone meeting. See how you can both help one another with your businesses, brainstorm on how you can partner for a project, or attend a Toastmasters meeting together. Fifth, begin taking action. This will truly, absolutely and certainly be life changing, and make your 2014 better than any other year.

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