L.A. Fashion Corner’s 2010 Eco-Friendly Fashion Show

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Leyla Milani (L) who hosted the event, "It's Caring With Style," and London Moore, CEO, Celebrity Nightlife Publicity Inc. Photo by SkyyLyfe Photos

L.A. Fashion Corner’s 2010 Eco-Friendly Fashion Show-Combining Style with Ecology

The fashion extravaganza, produced by F.A.M.E. and hosted by Leyla Milani, titled “It’s Caring with Style,” featured eco-friendly fashion designs and sustainable products from today’s hottest designers and exhibitors.

Being Green can be fun and fashionable. L.A. Fashion Corner Eco-Friendly Fashion Show 2010 on Wednesday, April 21st, was a feast for the eyes. Models strutted in designs made with modern organic fabric by 20 designers and boutiques, including Emel and international clothing company, Brit Boy. Designers took the opportunity to prove that eco-friendly fashion goes beyond t-shirts and jeans. “We’re raising awareness for the importance of sustainability products that are recycled and are manufactured here in the U.S.,” said London Moore, CEO, Celebrity Nightlife Publicity Inc. and driving force of LA Fashion Corner Inc. and F.A.M.E. (Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment.) “A lot of these products that are available can be purchased here in The States and are made from bamboo and recycled fabrics.”

Model wearing Jonano, struts the runway. Photo by Nelson Shen

The fashions featured uniquely cut dresses with both solid and floral prints, jackets, belts, and colorful hand bags. “I think showcasing the designers and giving them some notoriety for their efforts in using eco-friendly products is special,” said Moore, when asked what made the event special. “There’s so few of them, so it gave them a chance and a platform to showcase their products. Every designer walked away excited about the event and pleased, and that, in my opinion was the best part of it.”

Fashion Coordinator Parris Harris

Fashion Coordinator Parris Harris.

Photo by Deidra Burtonelli.

Model wears a design by Emel. Photo by Nelson Shen

A stunning model wears a design by Emel. Photo by Nelson Shen.

The fashions featured uniquely cut dresses with both solid and floral prints, jackets, belts, and colorful hand bags. “I think showcasing the designers and giving them some notoriety for their efforts in using eco-friendly products is special,” said Moore, when asked what made the event special. “There’s so few of them, so it gave them a chance and a platform to showcase their products. Every designer walked away excited about the event and pleased, and that, in my opinion was the best part of it.”

The event was a gathering of Hollywood talent under one roof to showcase the fusion of art and awareness, just in time for Earth Day. Painted and multi-media art pieces were up for exhibition. Artists were Harout Demirchyan, Arpine Rurundzhyan, Polet Zakarian, and Lousine Karibian. Fashion coordinator, Parris Harris, was found in the event’s art exhibit before the fashion show and took a minute to interview with The Scoop LA about turning fashion and art, Green. “F.A.M.E. decided to produce a fashion show because Green consciousness has become trendy and a way of life”, says Harris. Game show “Deal Or No Deal’s” Leyla Milani was the host of the evening and one of many sponsors by way of Milani Hair, her new line of women’s clip-in hair extensions. Find Milani Hair at www.milanihair.com. The night’s guest performances were by dance troupe, Groovaholix, and pop singer, Djoir Jordan to sing her single, “Hollywood.”

Singer/Performer Djoir Jordan sparkles on the red carpet

Singer/Performer Djoir Jordan sparkles on the red carpet.

Photo by Deidra Burtonelli.

F.A.M.E. (Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment) is an entertainment company headed by London Moore that brings artists of all platforms together in a networking environment. Information regarding future L.A. Fashion Corner fashion shows and other events by F.A.M.E can be found on www.lafashioncorner.com.


Model wears designer Pamela Ho

Student designer Pamela Ho daring design was one of many student designs that wowed the Hollywood audience.

Janette Goss' sizzling dress captivates

Masai Payan's elegant designs dazzle the runway

The Art Institute Hollywood’s Annual Student Fashion Show

By Buddy Sampson

The Art Institute of California-Hollywood gave an amazing tribute to red carpets everywhere-to Hollywood, to Cannes; to any locale where there’s a red carpet to be viewed and the correlation it has to fashion. The event, The Art Institute of California Hollywood Annual Student Fashion Show was held at, perhaps the grand locale for red carpets, The Grauman’s (Mann) Chinese Theater. It was presented by students from the Art Institute and was as elegant and eye catching as any fashion event ever presented. The Scoop LA has attended many fashion shows over the years and it was as entertaining and professional as any fashion show we’ve attended.

The Passion For Fashion winners were Danna Darma, Adrienne Koppel, Lionel Siongco, Helen Malveaez and Geena Andrews. But all of the students that participated were winners in that they clearly demonstrated they had the tools to be successful in the Fashion Industry. Alita Campbell, the Director of the Fashion Design Program addressed the audience and then the show started. And it was grand.

Sara Caterinicchia was the first designer that presented her fashions and she started her portion of the show with a small young girl in a beautiful red dress, followed by a young blond boy in a hat and gray jacket. Another young girl followed in a pink dress, and a little boy came out dressed in black with a pink tie. Pink seemed to be the color as another young lady came out in a pink, layered dress. Sara is a very talented designer and she rocked the stage as well, dressed in a brilliant black dress.

Next up was designer Linda Miller. Her motif was kids’ fashion. Her style was funky, hip-hop and punky looks, very cool and hip. She was dressed impeccably and could have modeled herself. Yuki Haya’s designs were for the ladies, very cool, elegant and sexy. A short and sexy dress with red polka dots was a favorite of The Scoop LA. Designer Christel Infante’s designs were next, and her designs were perhaps the most elegant of the evening. It was splendid eveningwear and brought oohs and ahhs from the audience. It was lots of black dresses, with subtle colors. She’s an incredible talent. Altha St. Clair III followed, and his clothing was New Age, and avante garde- vest dresses, platform shoes and costumes that seemed to be tailor made for the stage. Hye Eun Kim’s fashions were next and her designs had a cultural, decidedly Asian flair-New Age, loads of color with bright greens, reds and bronzes. The designs were spectacular.

Nina Patel’s designs consisted of elegant evening wear and tropics-oriented pieces. Some of her designs were attire you’d see in pageants. Antonia Souza’s designs were spotlighted next and all we can say is wow! Lots of black and New Age stuff. Elegant eveningwear with flashes of color was the topic of Falavia Otis’ portion of the show. Short, sexy and classy along with evening gowns made her segment a hit. Amanda Mixson followed and her fashions were brave, innovative and daring. She had tutu-like dresses, white knee high stockings and outrageous shoes. Her fashions are not for the faint of heart and definitely not for the person that wants to sneak in an event unnoticed. Amanda wore perhaps the best outfit of her segment, sashaying on the stage in an outfit that wowed the audience. Sarah Hunter’s segment had lots of bright colors-bright oranges and sleek lines. The first outfit in her segment was the best, a dress with a lovely train to its gown, quintessential eveningwear. Sarah is quite an exceptional talent. Quynh Le’s fashions were very simple, classic cocktail dresses, with varying lengths and various colors.

Jannette Goss’s segment consisted of sophisticated eveningwear; classic looks for all kinds of evening and night events. Ashley Turabaz’ fashions comprised the classic eveningwear of the 60’s, very Jayne Mansfield-like and very, very sexy. Some of the dresses had ornate trains. Red carpet looks were featured in Liz Kok’s set. You could wear her designs on a red carpet or at a fundraiser. One of her outfits drew a huge response from the well-attended audience as the blouse was completely see through. Very, very sexy. M. Sonia Moreno’s looks had a rock edge to it- very funky stage stuff. Her fashions included designs for plus size models. She also had men’s wear, one of the few designers that had designs for males. Seng Nan Dayu’s segment had classic 60’s lines with bright blues, gowns and bright reds. Her designs were classic and elegant. Masai Payan closed the designer portion of the evening with lots of silks, red and blue dresses. She had a few great innovations, particularly a black and white gown that closed his segment.

But the evening wasn’t over. The Institute event had a “Passion for Fashion” segment that had terrific innovations. There was also a Costume Class that was based on styles from the 16th and 17th century. The models were stunning and the students’ designs were nothing short of incredible.

This event illustrated the value of The Art Institute’s contribution to society by recognizing talent and cultivating higher learning for success in creative endeavors. Encourage young people to grow and learn their craft by supporting The Art Institute of California-Hollywood.

For more information about The Art Institute, please visit www.artinstitutes.edu/hollywood.

A Tal Sheyn gown worn by model Jay

Mega-Talented Designer Tal Sheyn (R) receives kudos

Pictured above-A Tal Sheyn gown worn by model Jay on the runway of Fashion Minga in Hollywood. It was created using silk chiffon, with lace appliqué throughout the bodice. Organza and Swarovski crystals decorate this piece along with white feathers streamed along the bottom. This is just one of many gowns by Tal Sheyn. www.DesignbyTalSheyn.com

Mega-Talented Designer Tal Sheyn (R) receives kudos from the Fashion Minga audience for her scintillating designs, including a piece displayed above worn by model Jay (L). It was created using silk chiffon, with lace appliqué throughout the bodice. Organza and Swarovski crystals decorate this piece along with white feathers streamed along the bottom, one of the many gowns and designs by the innovative designer. Visit her website at www.DesignbyTalSheyn.com.
LA Fashion Week Spotlights Talented Designers

By Buddy Sampson

Los Angeles is widely known as a laid back region of the country with beach shorts and bikini girls. But it is also a Mecca of fashion that stands up to the fashion centers and cities of the world, including Paris, Milan and New York. Each year, Los Angeles displays its ebullient sense of style with LA Fashion Week, which takes place in the month of October, with events in Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and other locales in the Los Angeles and adjacent areas.

ALAKAZIA on the red carpet of The Geffen. Photo by Laurel Isle Photography

One of the many events was an event at The Downtown Los Angeles Fashion Week at The GEFFEN Contemporary @ MOCA featuring a sensational designer of hats, Alakazia. He presented his collection, “Le Chapeau by ALAKAZIA” a fashion statement for 2010, “The Couture Hat Collection.” It was composed of Italian tissues, adorned with hand carved and hand spun trims. Produced by Deanna Zaccari and styled by Anthony Bradshaw, the collection was one of several eye-popping designs that graced the evening at the Downtown location.

Fashion Minga, which took place at the Boulevard 3 in Hollywood, featured several amazing designers including Leone Barezzi, who will be having a show spotlighting his work in Santa Barbara in November. “I deal with fashions from the 1940’s, from the 1920’s- very glamorous,” said Barezzi. “Like the golden era, like film, like Mexico and here in Hollywood. I like to bring that again in fashion. Visit his website, www.leonebarezzi.com for more information. Many designers exhibited their works. Some of them included Jazmin Whitley of the Li Cari fashion house, Urban Republic Clothing, Celebrity Pink Jeans, Nuvula, Miasma Designs and Jackie Christie, www.jackiechristie.com, wife of NBA great Doug Christie, CEO of Christie Sports Management, www.dougchristie.com. “My wife is re-launching her line this week at Fashion Week here in LA,” said Doug Christie at a function actress Lisa Raye put on in Hollywood. “So we have a lot going on.”

Doug and Jackie Christie on the red carpet. Photo by Deidra Burton

Photo by Deidra Burton.

Fashion Minga featured a fine mixture of performance meets fashion, with Xcedera, The MartianZ, Sara Silken, Groovaholix, Dancing Spiral, The Hollywood Hot Shots and an exciting dance group that appeared on “America’s Got Talent,” Extreme Dance FX. “We do a style of dance that’s a mix of hip hop and tap dancing called power step” said Valerie Ramirez. The group opened the show, and electrified the audience. While waiting for each fashion show, guests were treated to rooms and areas with different kinds of food. A favorite was a room that featured sushi, with a nude young lady with leaves covering her private parts. Guests retrieved sushi off the leaves and the room was a hit with male and female guests alike.

Among the many celebrities in attendance were a few soap opera stars including Kate Linder of the hit TV series, The Young and the Restless, who came to support what was the most entertaining fashion presentation of the night. “I’m here for Tal Sheyn,” said Linder. “She designed my gown for The Daytime Emmys that I wore. She designs for the individual and what looks good on that particular person and what not might be the latest trend. Even though it might be in, it might not look good on that particular individual.” Tal Sheyn’s Designs, www.DesignbyTalSheyn.com, easily the most elegant and breathtaking collection of the night, drew oohs and ahs from the audience. Sheyn, born in Israel, has designed for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher and Mina Suvari.

If you like to know more about some of the other events that are taking place this month, visit www.fashionweekla.com.

Thanks to Amber, Fashion Minga and Sheryl Dolley, Sheryl Dolley Public Relations for their help during Fashion Week.

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