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Cover and Inside Photo-The Jazz Scribes. L-R Buddy Sampson, Bass, Richard Ginell, Keyboards, Scott Yanow, Saxophone, Clarinet and Melodica and Ted Schumacher, Trumpet. Both photos by Diana Ligon.

Whew, it’s been a hectic couple of months. I have to give readers my dearest apologies about the recent lack of updates in The Scoop LA. Those of you that have read The Scoop know that my first love is music. Well, I’ve always thought I can perform for big venues and dreamed of making it happen. Well, apparently, there are those that think I can, too and I’m very grateful to them to give me so much positive encouragement.  And I will be performing very soon, but more on that later.

A number of years ago, Scott Yanow, who has written several books on jazz, including “The Great Jazz Guitarists,” Richard Ginell, who writes for the Los Angeles Times and I met at the Playboy Jazz Festival press conference at the Playboy Mansion. I began to attend Scott Yanow’s legendary jam sessions over his house, then in Burbank, but now in Elizabeth Lake. Trust me, some of the people that have attended included Dwight Tribble and some of the best names in jazz. Those jam sessions can be quite intimidating, to say the least. Sometimes I would sit in, but I’d make sure to call out songs I knew, otherwise I’d be subject to an embarrassing experience. Some of the best musicians from other genres of music, such as Blues and Funk have been left scratching their heads at those sessions. Anyway Richard, who plays the heck out of a piano, Scott, who excels at clarinet, melodica and saxophone and I talked about putting together a jazz group, comprised of writers. And after several years, we did. We did our first gig as a group in 2011 for a birthday party. Several people asked us for information for our next show. But we still thought of ourselves as an “occasional band.” I decided to put on an event to benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles that finally happened June 22nd to feature my new band, “Buddy Sampson and Friends.”

I wanted a jazz group to open the show, kind of an opening act, while people were ordering their cocktails. I decided to dress the band in black tie to give us a very professional appearance. So I expected a little impact, but never expected the reaction we received. The response was amazing and out of all the acts on the show, The Jazz Scribes received the most offers for work. In fact, we are working in Yeva Genevieve-Lavlinski’s film, “Sand Snowman,” and shot the music pilot. On August 19th, 2013, The Scribes’ Scott Yanow, Richard Ginell and honorary Scribe Ted Schumacher on trumpet filmed scenes for the movie. The Jazz Scribes will be performing for David Harrison Levi’s event September 8th, 2013 event at Byblos Restaurant at 1964 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.  90025 at 8PM. We will be joined by a new Jazz Scribe, A. Scott Galloway, a drummer who is also a journalist as well. A 20 year-veteran journalist, Mr. Galloway has written several liner note essays for over 300 reissues of classic albums and compilations, including “Black Gold,” by Nina Simone, “The Art of Love (Anthology)” by Michael Franks and “Rudiments,” by Billy Cobham.  And I will have more news on other performances soon, including an event on October 12, 2013. We are no longer an occasional band. “They bring fun back to jazz,” said former Venice Magazine journalist Jan Holland about The Jazz Scribes. “Now the audience can be critics for the critics,” Scott laughed.

Drummer and Journalist A.Scott Galloway.

Columnist Kim Webster has been busy as ever and she covered the Long Beach Jazz Festival. Check out her offering. We’ve been long overdue for a Ms. Scoop, and we have her, Emma Zerner, and she looks fabulous. We expect to have an offering soon from Kim Somers Egelsee and a new writer, Lamar Webster, along with a story on a movie by actress Jill Jaress.

Know that those of you that check us out regularly, that although music has taken a big step in my life, The Scoop LA will go on and please check in from time to time. We wish you love and The Lord’s Blessings in your life.


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