Jazz and Blues with Buddy Sampson Benefiting Children’s Hospital

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Cover Photo-Victor Orlando (C) (formerly of the Gap Band) is flanked by Lamar Webster (L) and Buddy Sampson (R) Photo by Nelson Shen. Inside Photo- The Jazz Scribes. (L-R) Dean Rohan (Drums) Scott Yanow(Saxophone, Clarinet and Melodica) Buddy Sampson(Bass), Richard Ginell (keyboards) and Ted Schumacher (Trumpet.) Photo by Diana Ligon.

Business Partners and Friends Buddy Sampson and Lamar Webster Host A Magical Event

Hollywood, CA -June 22, 2013

It was billed as an event to benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, but it turned out to be a lot more than anyone expected. Patrons that attended “Jazz and Blues with Buddy Sampson Benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles,” were treated to a magical evening of jazz, funk, blues, R&B and more.

Lee Bailey. Photo by Bob Delgadillo.

Hosted by radio veteran Lee Bailey, the event, produced by Buddy Sampson of The Scoop LA and Lamar Webster of the CTT All Stars, was the first of a series of charitable events, in which the duo hopes to showcase their music, while giving back at the same time. “It’s great to play music and it’s my first love,” said Buddy Sampson, who planned, produced  the event and developed the concept. “But I wanted also to be able to help as much as I can and try to make a bit of a difference. I think all of us, in all our communities can make a difference, if you just care.” Webster, of Dayton, Ohio, a bassist, photographer and masterful musical arranger, realized that the show was something special. “I thought it went great,” said the bassist, who served as Executive Producer on the event. “It was one of my greatest experiences in performing this year.”

(L-R) Stargloves' Jorge Galvan, Jr. Golf pro Dylan Anthony Galvan, Children's Hospital Los Angeles' Irina Alfonso-Hildalgo and Buddy Sampson pose for the red carpet. Photo by Diana Ligon.

Sponsored by Stargloves’ Jorge Galvan, Maro Nercessian, Nikki Storm and Storm Enterprises, Blu Media Pro’s, Abraham Uribe, Serving Angels Media’s Betrice Coleman-Sweet, Red Light Production’s Jenn Laskey, Jewels by Anita’s Anita Danelian, Racing Girls, Inc’s Ann Deschenes, Laura Fremont Dance, AB Weddings and Special Events, The CTT All Stars and The Scoop LA, the event, which took place at Hemingway’s in Hollywood, had a number of celebrity appearances.  Several celebrities attended, including Shenita Moore, whose latest appearance was on the TV show, “Rizzoli and Isles,”  Di Lee, Jill Jaress, Guile Branco, Theresa Broadnax, Laci Kay, model Moni Kalman, actor and fitness expert Xango Henry, Yeva Genevieve-Lavlinski, David Harrison Levi and more.

Jill Jaress. Photo by Bob Delgadillo.

Throughout the evening, the audience was treated to a high energy show. Opening the show was The Jazz Scribes, which featured Scott Yanow on tenor saxophone, clarinet and melodica, Richard Ginell on keyboards, Buddy Sampson on bass and musical director, Dean Rohan on drums and Ted Schumacher on trumpet.

The Jazz Scribes start the evening on a high note. (L-R) Buddy Sampson, Richard Ginell (seated), Scott Yanow and Ted Schumacher. Photo by Diana Ligon.

The Scribes started the evening on a high note and delighted the audience with humor and tight chops. They opened with a funky version of the Ben Tucker composition “Comin’ Home Baby,” that had the audience smiling and grooving. Tourists on Hollywood Boulevard came in the event just to hear them play. “I went outside to check the door and I thought it was a record playing and came back in and it was Buddy Sampson and The Jazz Scribes,” said Webster. “I was surprised.” Sampson, who originally comprised the group for small jazz gigs, was as surprised as anyone at the reaction from the audience. “We expected to be the warm up act for the show,” he said of the group, which features three talented journalists. “I was blown away.” Sitting in with the group was trumpeter Jon Barnes, who also performed with Cross Town Traffic (CTT).

The Jazz Scribes’ Scott Yanow is a world-renowned journalist that has been writing on jazz for many years. He has 11 books on jazz, including his latest book, “The Great Jazz Guitarists.” Richard Ginell writes on classical music for the Los Angeles Times and has written for the Daily Variety, among other publications. And Buddy Sampson is the Editor and Publisher of The Scoop LA and has written for The Watts Times, The Sentinel, RapPages and many other publications.  Guest Scribes, Dean Rohan performs with Rob Mullins and trumpeter Ted Schumacher graces the stage with Louie Prima Jr. The Jazz Scribes were nothing short of excellent and started out the evening on a very high note.

Irina Alfonso-Hildalgo, who works in the cardiology department of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, attended the event and spoke. She captivated the audience by telling her about the work she does at the hospital and how donations were needed to continue their work. It was a poignant moment of the evening.  Singer/songwriter Javelyn took the stage, along with Buddy Sampson on bass and drummer Curtis Sanford on drums. She performed all original compositions, “It’s Called Love,” “Superstar” and “Krazy Kava,” a reggae-influenced song that was an audience favorite. “Superstar” featured a solo by Sampson and he chose that moment to go into the crowd. He delighted the audience. But the set clearly belonged to Javelyn. Her vocals were strong and her keyboard playing was excellent. She is a true talent.

Javelyn. She performed a great set, then sang "Summertime," in Buddy Sampson's band. Photo by Diana Ligon.

Next to grace the stage was “Buddy Sampson and Friends.” Introduced enthusiastically by radio icon Lee Bailey, Sampson’s set was brilliant. “He is a bad ass bass player,” laughed Lee Bailey. “Who knew?”  Sampson’s band consisted of Rachel Grace on violin, Joseph John on keyboards, Curtis Sanford on drums, and Ted Schumacher on trumpet.  Sampson started his set with an original composition, “Well Andrea,” that featured a solid solo by him and violinist Rachel Grace.

Eddy Hawks (L) and Kat Hawks of the American Ballet of Los Angeles perform a teaser from their upcoming film, "Spadolini & the White Stone of Mecca," to an original composition of Buddy Sampson's, "Well Andrea." Photo by Diana Ligon.

Kat Hawks and Eddy Hawks of The American Ballet of Los Angeles choreographed and danced to the song to great visual effect. The duo was nothing short of elegant and graceful to watch. Sampson’s next song, a Rihanna song, “What’s My Name,” tore down the house. It featured a monstrous solo by Rachel Grace, a great solo by Sampson and ended with Grace and Sampson trading musical lines with each other. Perhaps their best song of the set, the audience went crazy. The first 2 songs also featured The CTT All Stars’ bassist, Lamar Webster, who provided a solid bass line for Sampson’s fluid soloing.

Buddy Sampson and Friends. (L-R) Joseph John, Buddy Sampson, Curtis Sanford, Rachel Grace and Lamar Webster. Photo by Diana Ligon.

They followed with a Linwood Gray and Buddy Sampson composition, “C-Funk,” which the audience also enjoyed.  John was the spotlight of the composition and did an amazing solo that captivated the audience. His passionate solo technique was gripping and received a huge response from the audience. At the end of the song, drummer Curtis Sanford (of The Deele and Lakeside) and Victor Orlando on percussion, did a 4 minute motif that had the audience captivated.

Buddy Sampson (L) trades notes with Rachel Grace. Photo by Diana Ligon.

Percussionist Victor Orlando electrifies the audience. Photo by Diana Ligon.

Brazilian dancer Sonaria Curtis wows the audience. Photo by Diana Ligon.

Brazilian dancer Sonaria Curtis wowed the audience after their solo, followed by an animated Sampson, who was dancing back on stage. Sampson followed with an original composition, “Columbiana Princess,” which had a Latin feel to it. He closed his set with “This Is How We Do It,” which featured the dynamic vocals of new and exciting talent, T.j. Wilkins, who engaged the audience and is truly an amazing young talent. “Buddy’s band was riveting and exciting,” said singer/songwriter Adrienne Tien. “The sound was original and exciting.”

Crowd pleasing T.j. Wilkins (R) pumps up the audience while Buddy Sampson (L) and Joseph John look on. Photo By Diana Ligon.

Drummer Curtis Sanford. Sanford played with Javelyn, Buddy Sampson and Friends and CTT. He provided a solid backbeat for all the artists and made the evening special by his amazing drumming. Photo by Bob Delgadillo.

Cross Town Traffic(CTT) and Round Trip Ticket (RTT). (L-R) T.j. Wilkins (sunglasses) Jeff McCarty, Stan Jones, Lexie Cole, Erik Madsen, Curtis Sanford, Heidi Allyce, Lamar Webster and Victor Orlando. Photo by Nelson Shen.

CTT members Don Bell, Stan Jones, Reggie Love and Jon Barnes. Photo by Diana Ligon.

The extravaganza, however, saved the best for last. The CTT (Cross Town Traffic) All Stars, which featured the amazing bass playing of Lamar Webster and the vocal prowess of RTT (Round Trip Ticket) and sensational vocalist Myra Washington, blew the roof off Hemingway’s Lounge.  CTT’s musicianship was absolutely amazing.  Without rehearsal, the sheer talent of CTT shined and delighted the 200 in attendance and had the audience partying hard. CTT had Webster on bass, Curtis Sanford on drums, Victor Orlando on percussion, Stan Jones and Jeff McCarty on keyboards, Jon Barnes and Reggie Love on trumpets, Don Bell on saxophone, and Erik Madsen on guitar. RTT had Heidi Allyce, Shali Williams and Lexie Cole on vocals. They were captivating. Allyce sang the Ohio Players hit, “Skin Tight,” and “Rock Steady.” Shali Williams sang the song, “It’s Love,” a Jill Scott song. Strong vocalist T.j. Wilkins sang “Early In The Morning,” a Gap band hit. But CTT and RTT’s set belonged to sensational singer Myra Washington, who was simply fantastic and scintillating. From the moment she stepped on stage, she had the audience completely in the palm of her hand. “Myra came in, with no rehearsal and killed it,” said Webster about Washington, who sang “Come Together,” The Beatles hit and “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” by Guns N’ Roses. “She was fierce and her intensity matched the incredible musicianship of the band.” Washington’s stage presence reminded some of R&B superstar Nona Hendrix, but she clearly has a style and originality of her own. She is a true star. Lamar Webster’s conglomeration was a true hit.

Myra Washington (C) completely thrilled the audience while Lamar Webster on bass(R) looks on. Photo by Diana Ligon.

Myra Washington. Photo by Diana Ligon.

The combination of Buddy Sampson and Lamar Webster proved to be formidable. The talented duo had a full spectrum of music, dancing, and live entertainment that appealed to all genres. “The music was to die for,” said one of the patrons, Nina Kartoc. Breast cancer advocate David Harrison Levi was equally pleased. “Buddy Sampson’s show was simply outstanding,” said Levi. “I am sure he is as proud of the performers and artists that gave so much of themselves as we were in awe of watching and listening to such a wonderful production.”  “It was jazz at its best, that we haven’t heard for a long time,” said Jan Holland, a journalist (formerly of Venice Magazine) and entrepreneur. “The Jazz Scribes bring fun back to jazz.” The Jazz Scribes are currently working on a movie “Sand Snowman.” They were asked to be in the movie by director and actress Yeva Genevieve-Lavlinski, who saw them at Hemingway’s and loved the band. Jill Jaress, an actress that has been seen on the TV show, “The Parkers,” spoke in glowing terms about the show. “Buddy’s party was absolutely terrific,” said Jaress. “And his band was even better.” Photographer Diana Ligon was equally impressed. “The event that Buddy put on was the best that I’ve seen in a very long time,” she said. “It was absolutely fantastic.”

Sampson and Webster are planning a new show at Hemingway’s on August 10th, “A Midsummer Evening Blast,” which will feature Myra Washington, The Jazz Scribes, CTT and RTT and Buddy Sampson and Friends. “The June 22nd show was the best show of my life,” said Sampson. “It’s great to see that in Los Angeles, finally, that some people know that I’m a musician first and a journalist second and that people appreciate my original music. The Lord truly Blessed me.” For more information on the August 10th, 2013 show, visit www.thescoopla.com.

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