Abraham Uribe and Blu Media Pro

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Cover and Inside Right photo- Abraham Uribe, Founder and CEO, Blu Media Pro. Above-Shahid Iqbal, Co-Founder and COO, Blu Media Pro.

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Many businesses are formed because an entrepreneur develops a concept of how to take an existing product and make it even better. Abraham Uribe, of Blu Media Pro, has taken an established Hollywood occupation, video editing, to a new level. “I love video editing,” said Abraham Uribe. “I find it rewarding and love putting pieces together to make a story and make the story told so other people can appreciate our work. I like the video process and what we use for tools and software.” Uribe, who first started video editing in 2000, worked for several independent companies and learned editing from local cable companies, Adelphia and TCI, starting in high school.  “They trained us and gave us a certificate in Broadcasting,” he explained. “So we learned everything, from editing and filming, everything in the Post-Production area.”  At the cable companies, Uribe was able to work on projects for Lifetime and CNN among others.  Later, he obtained a degree in Networking Engineering, a difficult task. “I was doing a full time job and full time school at the same time and had a family, so it was tough to get a degree.”

Miguel Herrera. President, Blu Media Pro.

Uribe started his company, Blu Media Pro in 2008. “My friend Shahid and I teamed up together,” he said of his COO and co-founder Shahid Iqbal, who has over ten years of experience in the digital media and Post production industry, who he met while working at a previous company. “From there, we started editing little by little, small mom and pop stuff.” As they began getting more clients, the duo teamed up with Miguel Herrera, now the President of the company. Herrera bought 20 years of independent film editing experience to the formidable team. Their first client was a popular actress, Tabitha Taylor. She needed a professional demo reel. After they successfully created the reel, word of mouth began to spread. “She gave us a chance and people began to see what we can do,” Uribe said of Taylor. “We started getting referrals and people started calling us.” As they began getting attention, the company began doing music videos and other projects and began getting notoriety as a go to company for video editing. But soon, they found that having your own company can be quite a labor of love.  “Now that you’re on your own, it’s not easy, sometimes you work harder, no more nine to five, “ he laughed. “It’s more like 12-15 hours and some overnighters.”

In addition to video editing, the company does DVD authoring (menus for movies), corporate film and film compilations, post-editing and green screen, among other services. They pride themselves in getting projects to clients under strict deadlines. “We make sure our clients are well-taken care of,” said Uribe of what makes their business successful.  “If they see the quality of our work and see what we’ve done, then they will feel comfortable with us. Our company has the staff knowledgeable to get the project done. We’re great, we’re responsible and we rarely miss deadlines. We are straightforward and always think of our client’s needs. ” Currently, the company in production, working on a TV pilot.

If you desire the best in video editing, Blu Media Pro is your Post Production specialists. They may be reached at (818) 714-2098. Blu Media Pro, 14500 Roscoe Blvd 4th floor, Panorama City, CA 91402.

Or visit their website at www.blumediapro.com.

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