Glam It Up for Success and Rock Your Style and Confidence This Summer

Columnists, Kim Somers Egelsee — By on June 13, 2013 at 4:30 am

Kim Somers Egelsee gives tips on visualization.

By Kim Somers Egelsee

Do you want to have a fun-filled, success fueled, empowered, perfect summer? You can create it yourself with the power of visualization, some amazing plans and a positive power shopping trip.  The mind’s power in the art of creative imaginative dreaming and visualizing can truly sculpt your life by design. But, of course, you do need to take some action too! The mind does not really know the difference between what is imagined and what is real.

My friend Jenae Noonan, who is a pro MMA fighter often envisions herself winning the fight repeatedly in her mind, before actually going in the ring to claim her prize. I actually go shopping, and with each outfit I choose, I already have in mind which amazing event, magnificent charity gala or summer concert I am going to wear them to. For example, as I choose my floral Romeo and Juliet Couture dress and matching cream purse by the same designer and amazing Kendra Scott jewelry from their new store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, I imagine being at a huge networking event, connecting with fantastic people and getting offers to speak at high end companies.

Then, when I attend the event, I am fueled for greatness and it turns out powerful. You can make sure you are choosing bold colors that flatter you, and make you feel successful, wealthy, fun or attractive. Then, create your summer plans. With the combination of your regular visualizations, power outfits and fine-tuned plans and calendar, your summer will positively be ideal, great and filled with fulfillment and success.

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