A Glamorous Evening of Extraordinary Empowerment

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(L-R) Kim Somers Egelsee, Claudia Cooley and Susie Augustin. Egelsee and Cooley are Columnists/Contributors for The Scoop LA. Each of them have best sellers on Amazon.com.

By Kim Somers Egelsee

On March 14 in Orange County, an extravagant red carpet book launch event took place that celebrated books that touch and inspire others.

The #1 best seller; “Getting Your Life to a Ten Plus,” by Kim Somers Egelsee, Best Seller; “Sexy Fit and Fab at Any Age,” by Susie Augustin, and “From Dud to Stud; Revving Up For Success,” by Claudia Cooley were the three celebrated books.

The evening, was sponsored by NIOXIN, who gifted everyone in the swag bags with volumizing products. Photographers and media including Brand in Motion, The Scoop LA with the amazing Buddy Sampson, Living Fit OC with entrepreneur and CEO Mike Sanchez and Law Dog Productions covered the event. Guests, celebrities and authors arrived and took fabulous photos on the carpet, grabbed their cocktails and went into the event, enjoying fun beats by The Funky Brewsterz DJ team.
The powerful part of the evening was the wisdom, insights and motivation from the guest speakers, featured authors and the keynote speaker of the night, Chris Widener; author of 12 Pillars and The Angel Inside. Guests walked out and felt uplifted and ready to fuel their lives with positivity.

Powerful tunes anchored the audience to remember their own gifts such as Alicia Keys, This Girl is on Fire and Black Eyed Peas, Tonight’s Going to be a Good Night.This is a night that will stick in memories for many years to come.

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