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By Buddy Sampson

Christopher Clay Jones has it going on! The incredibly handsome, intelligent and business savvy actor and model, who landed a part on the perennial day soap “All My Children,” as one of “America’s Sexiest Men,” is now beginning to make waves for his diverse portrayals of characters and for his prowess as a producer. In “Tales from the Frontier,” he played gun slinging rancher Clancy Hill. In his latest project, “Reckoning of Scarlett Waters,” he’s serving as a producer, along with Tino Luciano, Jake Borowski, and Mike Gatherer as Executive Producers. He’s also in a movie pending release called “Camp DOA.”

Most dynamic actors live for their craft and have practiced and honed their acting skills early in life. Christopher is no exception. “I loved acting since I was a kid,” said Christopher Clay Jones. “My mother encouraged me to get into the arts and my father was a martial artist and a former model.” A military brat, as both his parents did stints in the Navy, he found himself living in several locations, including the Philippines. While in the Philippines, his father ran a modeling agency, which gave Jones his first exposure to the entertainment industry. “I’ve done plays since I was in kindergarden,”he laughed. “I knew they were so much fun and as I grew up I continued to do plays and commercials and really got into it.” While in middle school, Jones experienced the first production that fueled his excitement to become an actor, after being cast for the part of The Lion in the classic play “The Wizard of Oz.” “I had to compete for a role and I was nervous,” he reflected. “When I put on the Lion outfit, I discovered it was just a ball. It was a lot of fun, The Lion was a fun part to play.” In high school, he was also a successful athlete, as he played football and ran track. But his career began to take off after high school, as he began to garner attention as a model, with talent agent Marcia Picot, doing shows for Ed Hardy and other designers.

He auditioned for “All My Children,” for a role as “America’s Sexiest Man,” and forgot he did the audition. One day, out of the blue, he received a phone call. “I thought it was one of my buddies playing a joke,” he explained.  “Congratulations, Christopher Jones, you one of America’s Sexiest Men!“ Thinking it was a prank call, he almost hung up on the producers and was leery, but he received another call and realized that he landed his first television opportunity.  “It was a good learning experience,” he said. “From that I began to get other offers.”

Christopher Clay Jones has a new project in the works, “Reckoning of Scarlett Waters,” which will be released in the near future.

Jones has fallen in love, however, with the film realm. An admirer of Daniel Day Lewis, he chooses parts to play that have substance and historic relevance, such as soldiers, fighters and more. “All of his work is quality,” he said of Lewis. “And with film, like for example what he did with “Lincoln,” you can take a year to prepare and study for the part. “ Jones, who has studied with renowned acting coach Eric Morris, who has trained actors such as Jack Nicholson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, realized that acting is a science, but must have a natural feel to it. “I think it’s important to live inside the character, to personify an ideal, an image, with you bringing out others’ emotions that are latent inside yourself, it’s an adventure,” he said. “An actor cannot play something well that they haven’t been through themselves.”

His latest project “Reckoning of Scarlett Waters,” is a work that Jones feels will make an impact. “The overall plot line is a family-centered type of movie where I can stand and say, listen, this I’m proud of,” said Jones of the project, which is in the works.

Quick to laugh and in possession of a great personality, Jones will continue to make huge moves in the industry, with his great acting and producing abilities.  With his tremendous ability, looks and easy going personality, Christopher Clay Jones is one of the People You Should Know.

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