UBC-TV Makes an Impressive Start to 2013 in Los Angeles

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Cover Photo- Peggy Dodson, CEO/President UBC-TV at press conference. Photo by Buddy Sampson. Inside photo- (L-R) Bottom row- Reginald Idlett, UBC-TV, Red "Sabre" Williams, ABA, Don Sanchez, ABA, and Art Sandoval. Top row (L-R) Veronica Jones, UBC-TV, Lynn Pingol, Unheard Voices, Peggy Dodson, UBC-TV, Cherie Ivey and Ernest Jackson. Photo by John Yenokian.

By Buddy Sampson

Peggy Dodson is a happy lady these days. And she should be. As the owner of the network UBC-TV, she’s bringing in 2013 with quite an impressive start. In her press conference in Los Angeles, she announced three signings to their sports programming. Boxer Floyd Mayweather will have a telecast, “Money Mayweather’s Thursday Night Knockout,” featuring up and coming talented boxers. In addition, the network will feature some of Mayweather’s best fights as part of their lineup. Additionally, Boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley will have a reality show on the network, “The Mosleys-The Fight Continues,” expected to detail Mosley’s return to boxing. “It’s about bringing their family together,” said Cherie Ivey, who represented “Sugar” Shane Mosley. “You’ll see their ups and downs and it’ll be a heartfelt and heartwarming story all about family.”

Don Sanchez, who owns the LA Slam of the American Basketball Association (ABA) also attended the conference and detailed their relationship with UBC-TV, who will be televising ABA games that feature live acts at halftime.  “We have one of the best products out there in the nation,” said Sanchez. “What about all the talent in the inner cities that people don’t see? UBC-TV has created an alternative that people can see that will show them a different brand of basketball, real show time.” UBC-TV will broadcast ten of their games.

In speaking with Dodson, you soon realize she’s not your typical network owner. Her down-to-earth approach is reflected in her artistic approach to business. “My passion has been multiculturalism and inclusiveness and that’s what UBC-TV is all about,” she explained at the press conference. “I just felt that there should be more inclusiveness in television programming and we are creating a producing network.” Dodson, who is also a jazz singer, brings the improvisation and creativity of jazz to the network. “I’m not your typical network executive,” laughed Dodson. “People want something different, an executive that’s not constantly pushing numbers.”

UBC-TV has teamed up with UVEE ENTERTAINMENT to produce an entertainment show, “Unheard Voices,” spotlighting urban voices. Lynn Pingol, CEO, Unheard Voices, was at the conference to speak about the venture.  “It is a global version of American Idol,” said Pingol. “We have judges that are versed in different genres. The performer or artist can pick their own songs, which will make it different than Idol and will feature an open age bracket.”

Saturday, January 12, 2013 at Los Angeles Southwest College, the LA Slam of the ABA faced Arizona, the top team in the league, in a hotly contested battle, that the Slam won. The Slam had former NBA players Doug Christie and Tony Farmer featured in their line up. It was definitely different than any NBA game you’d see, with former NBA player Joe Smith performing at halftime. Seen at the game were Clipper Darrell, who had the audience in stitches and “Freeway” Ricky Ross, a community activist that spoke about the need to improve conditions in the community. Also present was Red “Sabre” Williams, who serves as Sanchez’s vice president. You may know him from the TV show “American Gladiators.” Additionally, Jackie Christie of Basketball Wives LA made an appearance at the contest.

UBC-TV made an impressive appearance in Los Angeles. And, with Peggy Dodson at the helm, expect huge success for the network.

For more information about UBC-TV, visit www.UBCTVNETWORK.com.

For more information about Unheard Voices, visit www.uvtvshow.com.

For information on the ABA, visit www.abalive.com.

Special thanks to Ernest Jackson and Tracie, for their help for this story.

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