Ronnie Watson- Sketching His Way To Success

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Cover and Inside Photo- Ronnie Watson. His specialty? Sketching the Female Form.

Impressions of the female form and figure art have been mainstays of the art community, arguably, since the first drawings were created. Many artists, for example, Alberto Vargas, who illustrated nude portraits for Playboy Magazine, have cut their teeth with erotic and sexy reproductions of the female form.

Ronnie Watson is one of those extremely talented artists. He sketches many types of portraits, but his best work involves sketching women and the female form. “I like women, obviously,” laughed Ronnie Watson. “Because I would draw a lot of things-just miscellaneous stuff and it wouldn’t keep my interest. But women always kept me interested.”  The mostly self-taught artist, who took art classes in high school, at Quartz Hill High in Lancaster, California, developed his formidable skills there. “They had a good art program there, so I took a lot of their classes,” said Watson.

While in sixth grade, Ronnie Watson started doodling in class, which is how many artists, unfortunately, have got their starts, to their teachers’ chagrin. But his primary influence came from his brother, Parris, who was an accomplished artist. “He was my big inspiration,” he said. “Without him, I don’t think I would have picked up a pencil.” However, Watson has had several influences, including the legendary Alberto Vargas. “A lot of his work was perfect, that’s what inspired me- the shading of the lines, the look, and the realism of it,” said Watson.”That’s what inspired me most from him.”

Watson began to develop his wings for his art at Quartz Hill High when several of his friends began to see his talent and complimented his work. He found himself becoming great at sketching women using the black and white pencil format. However, his sojourn in the art world didn’t come without some bumps in the road. Formerly, his family lived in culturally diverse urban Los Angeles. Moving to Lancaster proved to be quite an adjustment. “It was culture shock for me,” he reflected. “It took me years to get adjusted to that, the quiet and the lack of hustle and bustle of the city.” He found the isolation there to be suffocating. “There was nothing to do up there,” he laughed.

Ultimately, however, it was a blessing in disguise. “I spent a lot of hours practicing and trying to get better and better with my art, so in a weird way it was helpful,” he explained.

Ronnie Watson’s sketches are nothing short of spectacular. He composes his pieces of art by either sketching ladies in person or using photographs. He even sketches by using his creativity and imagination. The realism of his art comes through in his pages. He is an amazing talent. But he hopes that his art can help to affect change and help causes, by donating his pieces to charities and charitable functions. And with his talent for sketching, he will make a lot of people proud. But there’s one person that he wishes were able to see the magnificent progress in his art. “My Dad would be very proud right now,” he said. Yes, Mr. Watson would be very proud, because his son, Ronnie Watson is sketching his way to success.

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