Commentary-August 28, 2012-The Scoop LA Endorses Barack Obama

Commentary — By on August 29, 2012 at 10:20 am

Barack Obama is deserving of your support!

We endorse Barack Obama for President!

It has been said, many times that “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” The Scoop LA, I’m proud to say, has been added to President Barack Obama’s press list. President Obama, of course achieved a milestone in our history as a country. But I must remind you, he is our President, who happens to be Black, not a Black man that happens to be our President. Sure, there are things in his presidency I don’t agree with.

However, overall, considering the monumental mess that he inherited, he’s done a splendid job.

I encourage you to check out this link that lists his many accomplishments while in office. And mind you, this is mostly without the support of the Republican party:

So, to have perhaps the shortest commentary you’ve read in The Scoop LA, we do stand for something here. We enthusiatically support the re-election of Barack Obama for President.

I have many friends, some are Independents, many are Democrats and many are Republicans and I expect to get lots of hate mail. But The Scoop LA will be running many stories on the election and its progression. Currently, polls indicate that Obama is running neck and neck with Mitt Romney, so we need you to get out in high numbers and support him for President.

We encourage you to get out and vote for President Obama. Even if you don’t support him, get out and vote.

Regardless of what political party you support, we love you here.

But let our President finish the job he’s started-job one-fixing our economy. And I’m certain he has the tools to help fix it.

Support Barack Obama!

Okay, so he didn't really say this, but it is true and funny nonetheless!

Buddy Sampson, Publisher, The Scoop LA

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