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Kim Somers Egelsee. Keys for a balanced life.



Having a life in balance is the key to happiness, peace and success. If you can say that you have harmony in all of the areas of your life, it is almost 100% guaranteed that you feel more free, empowered, happy, and great; EXTRAORDINARY even. This would mean that with your relationships, social life, career/ life purpose, finances, spirituality, recreational activities, health and wellness, and whatever else that is important to your life on a scale of one to ten, would be rated at least a ten. Once you get there, you can keep growing, and get your life to a thirteen or a twenty.

Just like the third little pig did by going the extra mile, in the story, “The Three Little Pigs”, getting your life to a “10” plus is truly possible and so worth it! Of course, why wouldn’t you want to, right? Yes, it takes work, but the work can be fun, insightful and interesting. It is about “YOU”! Unlike the first and second little pigs, who built their houses with straw and wood, you can be like the third pig and choose bricks. In other words, some people choose to live ordinary lives filled with stress, and doubt, others choose to do some work on themselves by reading and attending a seminar or two, and then not taking any action on what they have learned. The truly happy, peaceful and successful people work on themselves, knowing that the strong foundation of self will lead to greatness.

Therefore, the work toward the brick house is worthwhile. The first step is to BELIEVE it will happen! Your thoughts are more powerful than you think. Next, to make this belief a foundation, you can state that your life purpose is to become the best you, in line with your true self that you can; the best version of yourself possible. (Later, you can expand on your life purpose to fit your true self precisely). How to become your best self? It does take work, but the steps are fun, amazing, and become a way of life. The third step is to read, listen to CDs in the car, watch DVDs, attend seminars; all on personal development. Listen to the greats; Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Niurka, Anthony Robbins, John Maxwell and more. Spend at least 2 hours per day absorbing this life changing material. Trust me, it WILL change your life, and you will start thinking clearer and more positive. This investment in your self will allow you to help others just by being you. Fourth, start to evaluate what in your life needs changing. Do you need to hang around more inspiring people? Do you need to stop mindless television watching? Could you spend an extra ten minutes exercising? After making a list of these things, you can get to work. Once you make the space by getting rid of anything negative, you make room for greatness to come in.

 For the fifth step, you can find someone to help you out. Just like the third little pig utilized. He knew that life works out better when teamwork is involved. This goes for both personally and professionally. Everyone can benefit from a mentor or coach. They can help you get to that extra level of success and joy. You will be able to fine tune any areas that need extra emphasis and attention. Almost no one can do it alone. It should be someone that you can relate to. This coach or mentor can help you with setting and achieving goals, releasing emotional baggage, guidance, and working on aspects of your life that could use improvement such as finances, relationships or purpose.

Be sure to choose who is right for you. Sometimes, a coach is best to start with, and then you choose someone as a mentor as a role model. After all of this work on yourself, it’s time to write out some goals. It’s best to pick about three to start with. Make sure to word them positively, and that they are in line with your true self. Break these goals into benchmarks, and take steps daily towards these goals.


Finally, the most important step is to check yourself regularly by asking questions and taking action. Evaluate by asking yourself if you are acting, behaving, talking and being who you truly are in line with your purpose. Make sure that what you are regularly reading, where you are going, who you are with, and what you are doing are matching that of who you see yourself becoming. Be sure that you are taking action daily on getting your life to this high level of happiness and success, and soon you will realize that your life has gotten to a “10 PLUS”. Just like the third little pig’s house of bricks, you too will be unbreakable and strong.

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Kim Somers Egelsee is a life coach and inspirational speaker. She is the leader of the Willow Tree Women’s Circle, Monarch Mastermind and speaks at groups and businesses worldwide. See her website for more information.




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