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Kim Somers Egelsee — By on June 12, 2012 at 8:33 pm

Kim Somers Egelsee.

By Kim Somers Egelsee

EXPECT!!!! Expect means to decide with certainty that something is of your essence (it is a crucial ingredient)! EXPECT to succeed, EXPECT to be happy, EXPECT to have amazing friendships, love in your life, confidence and abilities, EXPECT the best, EXPECT that others see you as the person who loves you most also sees you!!! Train your brain to EXPECT positivity. 

So many of us in our daily lives, have gotten used to expecting the worst. We think, things are going great, but not for long. We need to realize that this is just learned behavior that can be unlearned. It stems from the past. Maybe we received a job offer, and they changed their mind. A friend might have thrown an outdoor party for us, and it rained. A great love relationship may have fizzled out. Yes, these experiences are difficult, but they do not have to shape the way we think today. We can use them as our life wisdom to fuel us forward toward bigger and better experiences and joys. If we can get our mind used to looking to the positive and expecting greatness for ourselves, we will be putting that energy out there, which will thus, attract the good. 

So, start this week by making a list of what good you expect to come. You will start to notice that your mind will begin looking for the positive. You will begin taking more action toward opportunities. You will start attracting positive people. The more you receive, the stronger your confidence will become. The better your confidence and full positive power, the more exhilarating and amazing your life will become. 

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