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Uniquely You...Life & Style-By Claudia Cooley — By on June 12, 2012 at 8:09 pm

Yellow-High-Rise-Halter-Dress-great for those summer parties.

Editor’s Fashion Notes

Summer on the Up-Beat Is The News For Sure!
 Let’s get really light-hearted about the fun that awaits us for summer. Just as we want to have a successful image in our professional lives and have style written all over… we also want to let the world we know how to have fun too.  

The bigger word on the scene for Summer is Zest… in color and texture. We are seeing even more color than before… if you thought the oranges, hot pinks, corals of spring had gifted you with a real feel for the season… watch, there is more. Now, it’s about adding yellows and blues into the mix.



Some must haves for summer… zig zags… even in handbags. The high low silk skirt with a soft belt. Flip-flops are a smashing hit, particularly when you wear them in the beautiful metallic finish that melt right into your color pallet for the season.


Flip Flops.


Summer is about keeping it simple and keeping cool when the thermometer is registering in the 90s+. Clothing is effortless and trouble free while adding the interest layer of accessories will take the place of the jacket in a business or relaxed setting.


Yellow Summer Dress.

You will find some pretty intimidating pieces that the adventurous will want to try right away… however as your confidence kicks in you will want to try some of the season’s playful pieces… maybe just a simple addition or two for your wardrobe investment. This summer leather is so smart and will take you to many occasions. Something you will reach for over and over.

It always about creating those endless possibilities.

I just got back from New York and met with Aristeo, an amazing designer working with New York Models. A sweet, quiet and extremely talented man was one of the highlights of my trip. Our time went quickly, our interview will continue this next week, and I will have an opportunity to share the Inside Scoop with you not only on fashion but also on the attitudes of someone living the successful and uniquely expressed life. This is where you’ll gain access to the tools and strategies for creating your own image and professional successes.

Have a great week.

Claudia Cooley, Contributing Editor for The Scoop L.A.



Claudia Cooley.

Claudia Cooley is the Fashion Editor of The Scoop LA, where she will interview highly successful, leading experts in the fashion field to give a close and personal look at their attitudes about image, success, and living a uniquely expressed life. For more information about Claudia Cooley and ways her programs can impact your success, vibrancy and life, visit 

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